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  1. onyx(John)

    Always wear a mask

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    Hands up.

  3. onyx(John)

    Do it for our Billy

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    Seasons greetings

  5. onyx(John)

    This will be the the first Christmas for my siblings and I without our mam.

    RIP 'Nanny' and all our loved ones who have left us. Christmas always seems to be a time when bereavement hits hardest
  6. onyx(John)

    Old vests

  7. onyx(John)

    Wally Batty - Legend

  8. onyx(John)

    Politically correct curve yet to be flattened
  9. onyx(John)

    Lot No. 8

  10. onyx(John)

    A clip from The Swan Man of Ilkley.

    It would have been great to have seen more of him in SW. Rest in Peace Bobby.
  11. onyx(John)


    We lost our mother on Wednesday last after a long and difficult trial with dementia. It was a strange Covid era funeral, limited to 25 mourners within the church. The undertaker reminded me of a bouncer vetting people entering a pub or nightclub! But the attendance limitation had it's upside...
  12. onyx(John)

    Sad news