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    Using SW quotes in real life conversation

    Anyone ever use any lines from LOTSW in everyday real life conversation? If I ever see flowers on a dinner table, I always have to say 'Who ordered salad?' (Compo, Uncle of the Bride, and he says something similar in another episode) If I'm offered a drink, I have to say 'Yes, we've time for a...
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    The Waist Land - Only £5?

    In The Waist Land, there is a brilliant little scene with guest star Hugh Lloyd, where he craves a pork pie. After a magnificent speech about pork pies, he demands to be quoted a ridiculous, extortionate, inflationary price for a pork pie. Yet Compo only asks for £5. Still a very expensive...
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    BF - old fashioned comedy

    I don't know the meaning, so apologies if this causes offence. I don't think it will. What's a BF? It's used in old comedies. In Doctor at Sea (cert U), the sign says Dr Simon Sparrow MD, but MD has been crossed out, and BF scrawled instead. In Shelley (cert PG), the graduate tells his...
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    The Ladder in Mending Stuart's Leg

    Re Mending Stuart's Leg, something that's always fascinated me for years and years, but never asked. How LONG is that ladder?? If I ever feel like it, I should try to count how many rungs there are, and calculate it. I don't think some of the people on the street when the ladder is being taken...
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    Return to Uncle of the Bride (YouTube Locations Video)

    It's a couple of years old, but I've just stumbled on this excellent YouTube video titled 'Return to Uncle of the Bride'. A group of young men have lovingly created this tribute to Uncle of the Bride, which features the locations of Clegg , Wesley and Seymour's houses - tp name a few. There...
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    Voicewizard on YouTube

    Go on YouTube and type in 'Voice Wizard'. This man is a genius at impresssions, he has recreated lost Hancock radio episodes by imitating Tony Hancock and the rest of the gang. He can impersonate virtually anyone it seems, I wonder if he could Last of the Summer Wine.
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    George Chakiris in Extra Extra

    Probably one of the worst episodes, and worst guest stars. This man is now 85, 86 later this year. He doesn't seem to age at all, if the pictures on the internet are anything to go by.
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    DFS local radio advert

    Heard an advert for a DFS furniture shop sale today on the radio. It was based on Wallace and Grommit. Very good likeness to Peter Sallis' voice - very passable, and must be considered if anyone made a talking book on the Norman Clegg diaries.
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    The Diary of Norman Clegg

    Definitely the subject of a new novel, should one ever happen. But how many times in the show did we see Clegg writing bits in his diary? From time to time we would see him jotting things down. Can anyone name the episodes this occurred, and if possible, what was happening at the time?
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    The Café and Grime

    Partly inspired by the Café and Cigarettes topic. I like the early episodes where the café was a bit shabby - all this changed during Series Six. In Series Three the café is at it's shabbiest - it's really black with dirt and grime. Do we think the designer for Series Three over-did things...
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    Pick two episodes s4

    You know the drill. Pick your two most favourite episodes from Series Four, and explain what makes them so great. A Merry Heatwave can clearly be considered as an episode from Series Four. The 1978 Special Small Tune on a Penny Wassail is in no man's land, between Series 4 and Series 5, so I...
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    Pick two episodes s3

    Series Three was when Foggy joined the show. Some great episodes here, most are clearly written with Blamire in mind. You have the difficult task to pick just two episodes from this series, and tell us what makes them great.
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    Carry On Last of the Summer Wine

    Just for fun, how many Carry On actors and actresses can be find that have appeared in Last of the Summer Wine? This includes all the bit players and less known people. Here's two to start the ball rolling: Frank Thornton (Truly and Carry On Screaming) John Bluthal (Brushes at Dawn and Carry...
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    Pick two episodes s2

    Series Two was the last to feature Michael Bates, though he did carry on working on a few more series of It Ain't Half Hot Mum. Pick two of your favourite episodes from Series Two, and explain what makes them so great. If anyone would like a list of Series Two episodes, help is not far away.
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    Pick two episodes s1

    TEN WHOLE DAYS AND NO NEW ACTIVITY ON THE GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM. This will not do, we have to do something. If everyone could pick TWO of their favourite episodes from SERIES ONE, and explain what makes them special. The pilot episode can be included as one of the choices. Go.
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    Sid's Cafe

    After reading another topic, it's just occurred to me that the café doesn't actually have a signboard displaying a proper name. Usually we can see 'Cafe' across the front window, yet no proper name. Was it officially called Sid's Cafe? And if so would it have still been officially called Sid's...
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    If there were missing episodes of Last of the Summer Wine...

    … would you like to see them re-recorded with new actors? As most of you know, that is what is happening with three episodes of Dad's Army. There is little on the internet, but the current Radio Times has revealed some photographs of the new shows, and the accuracy is breathtaking. Whether...
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    Royal Variety Performance 1984

    Anyone got a recording of the ultra-rare LOTSW sketch from The Royal Variety Performance 25th November 1984? There is a picture of Compo Clegg and Foggy from this sketch somewhere on this site. I also have a picture of Bill Owen, Brian Wilde, Charlie Drake, Leslie Crowther, Les Dennis and...
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    Pete Postlethwaite in A Merry Heatwave

    Some time ago I think we discussed this, so now might be a good time to see if any new evidence has come light. Pete postlethwaite is credited for A Merry Heatwave - but he's not in it as far as I can tell. Any ideas folk?
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    If Clegg Died Before Compo...

    It's coming up soon for 20 years since the death of Bill Owen. Three very special 'funeral' episodes were made explaining the death of Compo and how Clegg (and Truly) coped. But had Peter Sallis died at this time rather than Bill Owen, how would the show have carried on? Would it have carried...