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    bill owens birthday today

    today is bill owens birthday he would of been 107 a truly fine man
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    bill owen and peter sallis on noel edmonds house party

    i have found this episode of bill and peter in character on noels house party and appear from about 18:55 on the video when the doorbell rings NOEL’S HOUSE PARTY (BBC ONE - Season 2: Episode 7 / 05.12.92) - YouTube
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    BBC 4 To show The secret birthday of Norman clegg on 2nd february

    BBC 4 are showing The secret birthday of norman clegg on the 2nd Februaryat 8pm and wallace and grommit is on after this is due to the fact that peter sallis would have been 100 on the 1st ,i dont think BBC have shown an episode on a main station since the show ended it will be nice to see an...
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    Blackpool pier fire

    A fire occured on Blackpools central pier in the early hours destroying a ride damaging another, believed to have started in an engineering shed I have fond memories of the pier from childhood could have been much worse...
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    Britains greatest comedy character

    Britains greatest comedy chracter is on gold on Sunday 24th may at 8pm compo is on the list
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    The bay horse pub

    The bay horse pub at hade edge reopened yesterday afternoon after a 1 million pound refit,there will be a pub, restaurant and rooms to stay in plus accommodation for management the brother and sister who have bought it also own the nook pub further up here is a little bit from the article The...
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    Sandylands on gold tonight

    A new comedy titled sandylands which is also quite edgy is airing on gold tonight at 10pm,sandylands is a fictional resort filmed in Weston super mare,not sure if I will personally like it but will give it a go.
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    Friends reunion

    It has been confirmed there will be a friends reunion unscripted show
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    June brown leaving EastEnders after 35 years

    June brown who plays for cotton/Branning has announced she's leaving the show after 35 years mainly due to a disappointment in recent storyline she featured in .in my opinion unless the bosses can convince her either by an improvement in a contract or by better storylines then this looks pretty...
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    John challis interview

    Here is a link to an interview with Jon challis who had role in last of the summer wine as the safe cracker gave an interview recently about his new one man show and a difficult period in the 80s when he was suffering with private matters such as divorce and his father's Alzheimer's he mentions...
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    Underbank rangers from holmfirth

    Underbank rangers from holmfirth are playing against Bradford bulls in the challenge cup this will be the first professional side underbank rangers have played in there 135 year history come on underbank...
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    Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps

    Again another one I didn't like why bother making shows like this again someone in charge must really like these shows
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    Little Britain to return

    Little Britain to return I was never a fan of it to be honest but that's my personal opinion
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    Last of the blobby wine

    Found this aswell it's Mr blobby falling in love with Nora apologies if you don't like mr blobby
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    Nora battys stockings+bill Owens version

    Hi everyone here is a link to a video I found on YouTube
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    Old Trafford cricket ground to become largest ground in uk outside of London

    Plans have been announced for old Trafford to become the largest cricket ground outside of London with a capacity of 26,700
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    Midsommer murders

    Mike Grady is in midsomer murders now
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    Hi from Manchester uk

    Hi everyone I'm Thomas I'm 24 from Manchester and a big fan of last of the summer wine my favourite character out of the main trio is foggy and out of the supporting cast it's wesley