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  1. happyjack

    Road works

    I see they have Road Works shown on the Holmfirth Cam. Do you think Ely is down there somewhere?
  2. happyjack

    Wesleys Motor

    Be Quick and see Wesleys new motor on Holmfirth Web Cam
  3. happyjack

    lotsw: An Appreciation

    I have just finishing reading the "Last of the Summer Wine: Appreciation" book by Miles Eaton. I can recommend this book to everyone. It is a superb read containing many facts that I have not read in other books. Brilliant.
  4. happyjack


    I am trying to make a donation of £5 but when I try to donate it keeps coming up 0.05 which I assume is 5 pence. What am I doing wrong?
  5. happyjack

    A near thing

    Last Tuesday I was knocked down by a car travelling on wrong side of the road. I went up on the bonnet and down onto the road. How I did not get killed or any broken bones I will never know. I was just badly bruised. Someone thought I was not ready to go up there just yet. Perhaps I have a LOTSW...
  6. happyjack

    Holmfirth visit

    I will be visiting Summer Wine Country next week (commencing 8th June) for a week. If there is anyone else who will be in the area let me know and perhaps we could put a face to our conversations.
  7. happyjack

    Off the air

    I will be off the air for a few days. Her indoors is in hospital. She keeps giving me lists of things to do and get. Who invented texts?
  8. happyjack

    self catering cottage

    Has anyone got any recommendations of any self-catering cottages within 6 or 7 miles of Holmfirth? I am hoping to get their in June,
  9. happyjack

    Liz Dawn

    Sorry to hear of the passing of Liz Dawn. Met her once in a cafe at Lytham always had time for you RIP.
  10. happyjack

    Foggy Bottom

    Here in Norfolk Bressingham Gardens are celebrating 50 years of their Garden called FOGGY BOTTOM. So thats where Foggy went with the Post Lady.:36:
  11. happyjack

    Barry Norman

    Just heard thaT Barry Norman has died. They keep going don`t they. RIP
  12. happyjack

    Jo Hurt

    Another great actor gone. I know we all have to pass on sometime but there seems to be more than usual in a short time, of well known Celebrities. RIP
  13. happyjack


    Anybody know whats happened to Dick. Not been active for a few weeks.?
  14. happyjack

    Comp`s statue

    I am trying to find the thread showing Comp`s statue? Help please.
  15. happyjack

    naughty girls

    Is anyone else being bombarded with e-mails from girls trying to get you to watch their video`s? I am getting 7 or 8 a day. They started when I got advertising e-mails from USA. I need help please to stop them.
  16. happyjack

    Series 31 & 32

    Can anyone get a better price than I have found for the next dvd of £17.99
  17. happyjack

    Pearls Hat

    I don`t think this has been noticed before but I have just watched "In Which Howard Gets Double Booked" Has anyone noticed when Pearl and Nellie leave...
  18. happyjack


    I caught a bit of the film Carry on Loving while having breakfast this morning and there was Barrie canoodling in a lift with a mini skirted young lady. I don`t know what Glenda would say.:08:
  19. happyjack

    Series 26 & 27

    Received my new DVD today numbered 27 & 28. Something to watch over the week end. Waiting for the next one now.:37:
  20. happyjack

    where is everybody

    I have only been notified of 2 posts in the last 2 days. Is there something wrong with the site or has everyone gone awol?:25: