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  1. J

    Where is manwinoname?

    Have been wondering this too, I hope Brian is doing OK.
  2. J

    The Diary of Norman Clegg

    I was just watching "The Pony Set" and when the trio are with Mr Lucy by the stream, after he got soaked and he is waiting for his clothes to dry, Clegg is writing in his notebook, while also joining in the conversation.
  3. J

    Christopher Beeny

    Your rant was justified Barry, but they seem to have got there somewhat belatedly. It's very sad to hear of the loss of another LOTSW actor.
  4. J

    Compo getting His Money Out

    Camera Shy, where he gets £10 from Howard to disrupt the showing of Foggy's attempts at making a home video?
  5. J

    How Low can it get

    That or the Test Card for those of us who are even older!
  6. J

    Happy New Year!

    Wow Marianna, that is a huge change from what the river looked like in July when I was there. Good photo.
  7. J

    Happy New Year!

    To those who bought the Andrew Swales 2020 Holmfirth calendar, isn't the January picture lovely? Holmfirth town centre in the snow - a sight I am never likely to see in person, unfortunately.
  8. J

    Happy Birthday Tony

    Happy Birthday Tony and many thanks for all the work you put into this site!
  9. J

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to you too Marianna and to all members, old and new, of the forum!
  10. J

    Hope you all enjoyed

    Sounds like some good memories Pearl. What you do now sounds a lot like my kind of New Year these days (although I don't go to bed quite as early as 9).
  11. J

    jokes bad or otherwise.

    Good one, that sums up the spirit of LOTSW!
  12. J

    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    On these dangerous jobs, you can't afford to overlook any details.
  13. J

    Hope you all enjoyed

    I had a quiet Christmas with a leisurely rising time, then present opening (with my son) accompanied by a glass of Prosecco. Among other things, I received a new Kindle which is good, as my previous one had developed a fault. And a lovely book (photo attached) – divinely good, some might say...
  14. J

    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    I'm hot, Glenda. I'm like a fluid golfing machine!
  15. J

    A New Quiz # 17

    Well done - ~ - Well Houses!
  16. J

    Foggy and his house

    That is odd indeed, does not seem to have ever been explained.
  17. J

    Jack & Joeys jocular japes

    Merry Christmas to all the Peri Family! I enjoyed all the pics and laughs.
  18. J

    To all Our Members

    Lovely picture Terry! Merry Christmas to all members and as Captain said, many many thanks to Tony, Terry, Pearl and John. Was watching "Extra, Extra" last night - such a feel-good episode!
  19. J

    Liking the snow falling here!

    Very Christmassy :)
  20. J

    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    My Barry's taken up body-building