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  1. captain clutterbuck

    1st day back

    There is an Alemanian barber near me seeking to recover lost revenue from the time in lockdown by working 7 days a week .What's his name I hear you ask ............................ Herr Cut ....groan!! :tw::fp:
  2. captain clutterbuck

    Sid's cafe is !!!!

    A suitable title for an episode to celebrate could be " Sticky Buns Ride Again "
  3. captain clutterbuck

    How would they have Managed

    Compo would be desperate to form a social bubble with Nora, classing her as vulnerable .................................. to him grabbing , cuddling and kissing her :13:
  4. captain clutterbuck

    Another Train Photo

    Some of our Heritage railways are opening up , so nipped on webcam and here are a couple of nice shots. Isle of Wight Steam opens today and as you can see lots of people milling about looks like some sort of official ceremony to mark it reopening . The other is FFestiniog railway no trains but...
  5. captain clutterbuck

    Something unusual about the area you live in

    Expecting a plague of Frogs Wednesday !
  6. captain clutterbuck

    Mike. D.

    As his number one fan Peri has Jack been watching the return of Paddy in Midsomer Murders over the last few Sunday Evenings . He was nearly taken out by a motorbike in last night's episode driven by the despicable Keith Allen.
  7. captain clutterbuck

    Spotted This in the Pilot Episode

    Would have been great if they had shot it at Pinewood and the set when they opened the door was from one of the Carry On Films .
  8. captain clutterbuck

    Second jab

    "Her" that is the Mandy character he played who would push the reporter to the ground after the you are awful catchphrase , the gay character was definitely a male and his catch phrase was the one I mentioned in the other post.
  9. captain clutterbuck

    Reg Numbers #63

    I got lucky followed your lead but took a different Tack on the Carpet van theme Groan!! :fp:
  10. captain clutterbuck

    Second jab

    There was a show about 70's comedy on late last night and Dick Emery was one of the featured items but in particular when his various characters are doorstepped by an Interviewer for sound bites and his Gay male character [Apologies if this is the incorrect term ] always says "Hello Honky Tonk...
  11. captain clutterbuck

    How would they have Managed

    In his own mind he was always one step ahead of Pearl but given he is vertically challenged that would only amount to a foot , far too close for comfort.
  12. captain clutterbuck

    Spiffing Day

    Capital C or little c very much depends on how many doubloons you have in your treasure chest I would Venture my Capital is plentiful after years of plundering the straits of Sandown and the Bends of Beverley with my trusty crew of Aargh Jim Lad Brokes and plundering Paddy Power so for me most...
  13. captain clutterbuck

    Reg Numbers #63

    Dick its the Van Tom arrives in after Compo's funeral in from Here to Paternity and appears in some Vans make you Deaf when Wesley is giving it the big hammer treatment . I checked the Carpet van in Enter the Hawk and they used a different one L934 KJA.
  14. captain clutterbuck

    jokes bad or otherwise.

    Wonder if the first person to actually go inside each pub on May 17th to buy a drink will get a free glass of whisky as the New Year First Foot ;)
  15. captain clutterbuck

    What weren't you brought up to do?

    All too often children are "dragged up" without good role models :mad:
  16. captain clutterbuck

    Second jab

    Been Searching for a song Peri to mirror your experience :- I saw her today, I saw her face, though it was a face I loved, but I knew I had to run away, and get down on my knees and pray that the Nurse would go away But still she begins (oh !!), needles and pins (uh) Because of all my pride...
  17. captain clutterbuck

    COVID Vaccine.

    Surely you have to produce documentation to get the appointment in the first place to prove you are a registered carer , the appointment teams surely must check . If you are looking after a grandparent they should surely only take people who are registered carer if they don't then alongside...
  18. captain clutterbuck

    Second jab

    I received the Corporal Jones vaccine but so far only one dose 2nd due in May . Corporal Jones ? Well he was drafted in at my centre to help , I was late on parade and he put me on a Fizzer clearly with a silent P and extra Z so I had a very restful kip that night! :fp:
  19. captain clutterbuck

    Something unusual about the area you live in

    I am from Newcastle so here a number of facts Newcastle shares its latitude with Copenhagen, Denmark and southern Sweden. The city is believed to be the coldest major city in England, but it is also one of the driest cities in the UK, due to being in the rain shadow of the North Pennines...
  20. captain clutterbuck


    It's the episode Where Howard throws a wobbler Terry