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  1. J

    Liking the snow falling here!

    Very Christmassy :)
  2. J

    How many UK Members watched the pilot episode live?

    Just wondering how many people here (this would be limited to UK members) actually saw the pilot episode live when it was broadcast as an episode of "Comedy Playhouse" on 4 January 1973, and realised then what a gem it was? I can't include myself in that number, I was more likely to have been...
  3. J

    Crockery quiz

    Attached is a picture of a cup, saucer and side plate belonging to my sister who bought them sometime in the 1980's. A set in this design crops up in an episode of LOTSW, we see a coffee pot, a stack of cups and saucers and a dinner-sized plate, who can tell me episode and scene and who owns them?
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    Oh Shut Up and eat your Choc Ice

    Hi, does anybody in the forum know the English translation of what the Japanese tourist says in this episode?
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    Eileen Watkins hill

    Just been watching "Here We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder" and could not place the location where the trio are at the beginning of the programme and Compo is reminiscing about rolling Eileen Watkins down the hill. The trio are in a country place, but looking across the way from where they are...
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    Interesting link re Holmfirth railway line

    Found this super article serendipitously while browsing the web. As ever, if this has been posted previously, my apologies!
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    2 contrasting stations snapped on my recent Yorkshire visit. Just sad it could not have included the Holmfirth one, too.
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    Jackson Bridge

    Photo of Jackson Bridge showing a teeny tiny Hill Street. I remember seeing an episode (the title escapes me) that shows a panoramic view of the villages, and being struck at how close together Jackson Bridge and Scholes actually are.
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    Photos taken on my recent holiday, showing renovations taking place at the Bay Horse near Hade Edge (apparently it will be re-opening with its original name) and also at the "Clean Sweep" house (not far out of New Mill) which seems to be undergoing a huge makeover.
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    Groovin' with Mr Bloe

    Talking about music recently, I was just reminded of this record from 1970 which I liked a lot at the time. Apparently it was Harry Pitch playing on the recording, the same great harmonica player who played on the LOTSW theme. Don't think this has been mentioned before, nothing came up on a...
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    Old Photos from Huddersfield Examiner

    Was just browsing the web and found this interesting article with photos of the station. My apologies if this has been posted before, nothing obvious came to my attention on a brief search but that's not saying anything, could well be there nevertheless :)...
  12. J

    Holiday snaps - Marsden

    One of Standedge Aqueduct* seen from the Manchester road, and a photo from the centre of Marsden taken near the weir and including the iconic Mechanics Hall clock tower. *as seen at the end of "Stop That Bath" but it has undergone upgrading since then.
  13. J

    Some holiday snaps

    1. Holmfirth by night under a full moon - 15 July 2019 2. A rainy day in Meltham, 19 July 2019 3. A fine eatery - 19 July 2019
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    Lovely Holiday

    Not long back from holiday in Holmfirth (very active with much bussing and walking!) and I was so, so grateful for the Summer Wine Map and advice given to me on this site which enabled me to see so many interesting and beautiful sights. Would have posted before now but I feel much more...
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    Thumpy Dub bridge

    Another location question, with visiting Holmfirth in mind. I was wondering if one can get right up to the Thumpy Dub bridge or is it private? If it has to be viewed from afar where is the best place to do this? - looking at a map, it looks as if one could walk along Sheffield Road, and turn...
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    Country Spot - where? [contains spoiler re barbecue episode]

    (My apologies, Terry, if this is in the map and I just have not recognized it for what it is). It’s a country place where there is a curve in a dirt track, and – to right of screen - a grassy (sometimes heathery) bank where the trio often sit or recline in the grass. Mid to right of screen...
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    A couple of photos from 2015

    Hi, thought I would post a couple of photos from when I visited Holmfirth for the first time, in 2015 during a bus tour. The bus only stopped there a couple of hours but there was time to fit a surprising amount in. Little did I realise the opportunity I was grabbing, a chance to get a photo...
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    Hello - sorry for absence :(

    Hello everybody, I must apologise for being absent for a long time since I was admitted to the forum in February this year. Truth is, I felt a bit shy after realizing what a goldfish type memory I had when it came to episode plots and names (having been totally obsessed by locations during my...
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    Hello from North Scotland

    Just joined, as a confirmed Summer Wine fan - age 66 and female. I never used to pay much attention to the programme back in the day, but maybe it is something to do with getting older as I really appreciate it now and am on my second viewing of the boxed set. I have also visited Holmfirth (a...