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  1. George

    Is it ?

    Just watched an ad for gold coins.The fella walks up to a woman in a bookshop and shows her the coin book. The lady seemed familiar and after some thought I'm sure it is Joanne Heywood,who played Dilys in First of the Summer Wine. What do you think?
  2. George

    Another health update

    Well,I got the result of my CT scan today and the cancer is slow growing so I've still got time to drive you crackers with my 'jokes'. To everybody who prayed for me,sent me love and good wishes and kept fingers crossed,it's your fault. Thank you x
  3. George

    Nora's hats

    I've just watched 'Happy Anniversary Gough and Jessie' and was wondering if Nora had her hat on back to front. I've noticed her hats nearly always appear to be on like that.
  4. George

    RIP Eli Woods

    Eli Woods died on Thursday. Always enjoyed his appearances with Jim Casey as drunks.
  5. George

    Health Update

    As we are like family I thought I'd update you on things. I went to see the consultant today and he is starting the ball rolling for me to be considered for a lung transplant. He says I must lose some weight and attend 6 weeks of pulmonary rehab to strengthen the muscles needed to cope with an...
  6. George

    Found this
  7. George


    Have a great day my friend. Remember age is just a number and 70 is a hell of a number :)
  8. George

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Pearl-Susan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you have a lovely day.
  9. George

    Advert tonight

    I've just watched an advert,I think for DFS,where the new driver is Santa Claus. Does anyone know if the driver is John F Landry who played Arnpepper?
  10. George

    Found this
  11. George


    As a youngster I wanted to be like John Wayne when I grew up. How about other members?
  12. George

    Happy Birthday Terry

  13. George


    I know Blamire and Truly called Compo by name but I can't for the life of me recall Foggy or Seymour doing it.They must have surely?
  14. George

    Foot in mouth disease

    The things people say without really thinking; For those of you watching who do not have television sets, live commentary is on Radio 2. Ted Lowe (Snooker)
  15. George

    Frozen Turkey Man

    In 'The Frozen Turkey Man' the trio leave the cafe and are walking down an alleyway.Is this this the one down the side of the elephant and castle pub?
  16. George

    The Changing Face of Rural Blamire

    I've just been watching The Changing Face of Rural Blamire and was wondering if the lady who comes out of her house after Compo uses Shineyglow on her specs, was the same lady Foggy tried to help cross the road in Woollen Mills of your Mind
  17. George

    Missing you

    I've noticed that our friends Barmpot and Rhi among others have not posted for a while.I hope everything is okay
  18. George

    Well what do you know ?

    Who was going to be Finkle Streets first millionaire ?
  19. George

    Bucket List

    What things would you like to do before you kick the bucket?
  20. George

    Who needs Google?

    I could look to Google for answers but with the intellegent people on here I doubt I need to. A couple of questions I would like answers for; 1. Why is alcohol called booze? 2.What are(is) the order of rank in our armed forces?