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  1. RickAns

    Reg Numbers #62

    I meant to type bus but in my excitement I called it a van. Only to remember too late to edit the post. :redface2:
  2. RickAns

    Reg Numbers #62

    Electrical Entwhistle's truck? edit. Nevermind, just looked up a picture. :redface2: I got it!!! Mrs. Avery's van. :18: :01:
  3. RickAns

    Reg Numbers #61

    Still, must have been a fair amount of work involved cataloging them into a quiz for us. Appreciate it.
  4. RickAns

    Reg Numbers #61

    Had no idea there were over 60 something and counting vehicles in the show. Wow, Terry that must have taken some work to go through and log all of them. Well done. :18:
  5. RickAns


    That is a great cast photo.
  6. RickAns


    Similar to doing like the banks have done with ink pens on little chains attached to the countertop. You could tie a bit of string around the remote and attach it to the arm of the chair, or chair leg. :rolling:
  7. RickAns

    Reg Numbers #59

    @Glenda sure knows her stuff on Summer Wine country trivia. Glad to have ya around. :01:
  8. RickAns

    Picture test

    Sorry, waited too long to add this to my earlier post (7 minute window). Thank you very much Terry, for posting that picture. I have been trying lately to adjust the color balance on my Summer Wine videos, and other older shows, to remove some of the sepia hue. Your picture greatly helps on...
  9. RickAns

    Picture test

    Works for me here. Watched that episode not too long ago. Nice and clear photo, did you take that yourself?
  10. RickAns

    Whom is whom?

    Thanks, Maggie. :)
  11. RickAns

    Outdated language?

    I wonder if they consider MacBeth and some of Shakespeare's other works as 'outdated' as well. After all it is 400 something years old and not easily 'modern typed into a cellphone texting' lexicon. :eyesroll:
  12. RickAns

    Interesting, if not rather mean-spirited

    Just skimmed through the article. Rather lengthy. Unless I missed it the author did not come across as a much of a fan of the show. Skimmed through their links to 'Allo 'Allo and Keeping up Appearances and it seems they get a little nicer treatment.
  13. RickAns

    Whom is whom?

    I can see Sherbert and Wesley being similar by the way they act. Potential cousins? Thanks, Maggie. I think it is a pretty name. Not one that I remember having heard before the show. I am glad that they did have some new people / characters in FotSW that we did not know. Kept things...
  14. RickAns

    Outdated language?

    Or maybe because Compo often says things like thee, aught and naught some younger folk may have to use googly to get the meanings. o_O
  15. RickAns

    Happy Birthday Rick

    Thanks :18:. I'm sure I will find something fun to do :).
  16. RickAns

    Whom is whom?

    Thanks on that. I have never been good at guessing ages. Tend to think everyone is about my age. Now that you say it about 15 does make more sense in reflecting how the cast ages over the years. Making the Ivy we see in FotSW probably not the Ivy we know in LotSW. It may be a stretch that...
  17. RickAns

    Whom is whom?

    Interesting. Not thought of that before. Guess I felt Ivy and Sid were somewhat a bit younger than the trio. Maybe thought Ivy and Dilys were slightly younger by a year or so if not near the same as the guys. Is it possible that all the years of chip fat frying steamy aroma with Sid had a...
  18. RickAns

    Which character in SW would you marry?

    Hmm, let's see. Thinking of some of the less well know ladies of the show. I do like a few of the ladies on there. - Young lady from the pilot episode who steps out of what is to become Norah's place with a basket of laundry. -Shandra (sp?) young lady who who worked with Marina. -Mrs...
  19. RickAns

    Oh no, not again!

    I feel your pain. We went through the clock shift thingy the other week ago. :07:
  20. RickAns

    Reg Numbers #50

    Your red Nissan Micra was in several shots there quite prominently. I bet that increased it's retail value. Just don't tell the MoT they might raise your tax rates on it! :eek2: