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    I'm off to Lampeter this morning. Theres a brilliant old fashioned Ironmongers shop there. I'm in search of a moth killer that doesn't pong too much. Anybody got any remedies for moths? They ate holes through 3 jumpers and a few t shirts last year and I'm not having it again! Any old fashioned...
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    My computer is fixed!!

    At last. I can use this machine again! I thought it had gone for good this time. I have missed your company, everyone!!
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    Summer Wine Play book

    I saw this little book on Amazon and sent for it. Got it yesterday and I've never seen it before. It's by Roy Clarke. It's in the form of a play.The characters are Clegg, Foggy, Compo, Gifford Bewmont, Nora, Constance and Flash. First published 2012. Anyone read it?
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    I've spent the afternoon making up a batch of Limoncello. Or at least my version of it. Anyone else like it? An hour in the kitchen now give many hours of contented sipping in a few months time!
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    Whos voice is that on the new Google thingy? I don't reckon it's Mr Sallis.
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    So the inquiry is done. What a terrible time the families have had. So sad.
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    War Time Farm

    Is anyone watching the War Time Farm? It's the same three from the Tudor Farm, The Victoria Farm and The Edwardian Farm. I enjoy their shows. I can't imagine they actually spend a whole year there at the farm but they still give a great presentation of it.
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    We seem to get a lot of guests visiting the forum. I wonder why they don't join us here? If there are guests reading this, hello! Join up. It's a great place to be.
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    Does anyone have an opinion on the actors books? I bought 'Fading into the Limelight' and absolutely loved it. Fell for Peter Sallis all over again! I bought Bill Owens book (haven't read it yet) and this week Kathy Staffs book. All from Amazon and incredibly Kathy Staffs was autographed!
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    Juliette Kaplans site

    Google can't seem to connect to Juliettes site. Anyone else getting problems connecting? I don't think it's been too active for a while.