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    Which LOTSW star would you most like to have a coffee/dinner with

    Just an interesting thought from another forum I'm on... Which LOTSW actor, main actor or not would you like to have an afternoon coffee and chat with? or dinner and chat with?
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    Why is PC determined to destroy the world

    With all this BLM - seemingly more than ALM (All) - they are now removing shows that may offend someone - *who* I dont really know - when you look at it every single show in history will offend *someone* some how... Banning Fawlty Towers, etc - what sort of sterile world do these people want...
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    Young Hyacinth (2016)

    While looking up Roy Clarke on Wiki... I saw this one Young Hyacinth (2016) In the early 1950s, a young Hyacinth Walton is working as a domestic servant for the Cooper-Smiths by day while living in a small canal cottage with her alcoholic father and...
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    Survivors... Still around. :)

    I think I've asked before, but cant find it. So - out of the 'regular' characters (say 5 episodes or more) - how many are still alive. Just looking through IMDB and there seems a few, but some are real rellics these days! Also many episodes on IMDB some of the reviews leave a lot to be...
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    Waiting for God (1990–1994)

    While looking up Comedies in UK, this one caught my eye. Never seen it here in AU - but seems to get fantastic reviews - is it worth while? Thanks :)
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    Photobucket ..

    Just a heads up - for those that use Free Photobucket to host photos.. they don't allow hot linking or remote hosting on FREE accounts anymore Their terms changed on 26th - without warning.. there are 100's of threads on the interwebs of people who have been caught.. Whats worse is lots of DIY...
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    G'day from Melbourne

    G'day! Well there is a forum for everything these days! Bruce, feeling old, divorced, 2 teenage kids and only discovered LOTSW about 10 yrs ago, 3yrs before "the end" :( Currently living in Melbourne, but grew up few 100 mtrs from where Captain Cook landed at Kurnell few hundred years ago LOL...