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  1. amos hames

    hi there im back

    hello everyone
  2. amos hames

    Gone from gold

    Cant believe gold have ditched it
  3. amos hames


    Is anyone else suffering from the heatwave. Here in kent its been going
  4. amos hames

    Summer is here at last

    going to be warm next week in some areas. Be careful everyone
  5. amos hames


    Hope everyone is ok in this bad weather
  6. amos hames

    Winter olympics

    Anyone been watching and enjoying this
  7. amos hames

    What happend to my post

    Sorry if i offened anyone with a post. Just wanted to share with my friends.
  8. amos hames

    Howards cat.

    Whist watching oh look mitzis found her mother . Pearl mentions their cat. Have we ever heard about a cat before or even after.
  9. amos hames

    Bad Move

    Did anyone see this new comedy series opener with Jack Dee which featured Phillip Jackson from Summer Wine and more recently Boomers. I quite enjoyed it actually
  10. amos hames


    Went to Wimbledon yesterday and had the time of my life. Has anyone else been
  11. amos hames


    What was your favourite comic as a kid. Mine was called Look in that had loads of picture strips and features inside
  12. amos hames


    Has anyone been to Saltaire and what would you recommend to do. I know there is a boat trip that lasts half hour and the saltmills.
  13. amos hames

    holmfirth eating

    Can anyone recommend any other place than Hollowgate Fish shop to eat in Holmfirth as I will be returning in August
  14. amos hames

    Manchester bombing

    Just want to take time to remember everyone who died in Manchester. God bless them all
  15. amos hames


    Any Snooker fans in summer wine land
  16. amos hames

    Boat Trip

    Went on a lovely canal boat trip on the regents canal yesterday from Camden Market to Little Venice in London. Along with the One I did in Skipton Yorkshire last year. I really enjoyed it. Anyone else done trips like these.
  17. amos hames


    What did you all make of the shambles that was this years oscars
  18. amos hames


    I had a lovely day at the British museum yesterday. Its the worlds 4th biggest. Which is the best museum or attraction you have visited in the UK or USA.
  19. amos hames

    Unwanted Christmas gifts

    Did anyone get anything that is just not useful or needed. I was actually ok with mine but thousands of presents are given away every year. What is the worst present you have ever been given. Your comments please
  20. amos hames

    Hoping for a better 2017

    With so many people dying this year and all the health issues I have had and brexit and all the depression from certain quarters that bought. Lets hope that this coming year will be better