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    Barry's cars

    How many different cars did Barry have? We're watching SW on the Drama channel and he seems to have a different one almost every week!
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    Quirky films

    What quirky films would people recommend? One of the best I've seen is the Australian film Malcolm which has the added benefit of using music by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. I've also got a soft spot for Brazil which is a quirky dystopian story.
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    Compo's death

    I'm impressed that the episodes about Compo's death (shown on Drama channel at the moment) tread a good line between comedy and emotion. Unfortunately we missed the episode of his funeral, but saw the ones before that and tonight are watching From Here to Paternity where his son joins the show.
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    All Creatures Great and Small

    C5 have done a remake which some on here may find enjoyable.
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    Laurel & Hardy

    Any L&H fans on here? I've got most of their stuff and DVD and love the surreal silliness.
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    Laughter track

    Was a laughter track added around 1999? I can't remember if the book I read mentions it, but have noticed on the episodes this week it's quite intrusive and doesn't add to the enjoyment. Maybe I'll get used to it and mentally tune it out.
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    SWers who were in a Carry On film

    Mike Grady who plays Barry had a small part in Carry on Loving. Have any other SWers been in a Carry On film?
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    Foggy leaving for second time

    We've been watching SW on Drama and the episode last Friday had Foggy in it, but tonight's episode it was Truly. Have they skipped some episodes or was Foggy's second departure not explained in the programme?
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    Recently I've been watching YouTube more and getting somewhat addicted to mountain hiking, and some van life channels if they involve lots of scenery. Anyone else becoming a YouTube addict?
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    When did Clegg become more fainthearted

    On YouTube I watched the first couple of eps of series 1 and Clegg is a different characters to the later series I'm familiar with where he's a fainthearted person. In which series did that change happen, and also which series did he stop trying to do a Yorkshire accent?
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    Roy Clarke inspired by Laurel & Hardy?

    Does anyone know if Roy Clarke is a Laurel & Hardy fan? This week I saw the SW episode A Clean Sweep and noticed a bit of similarity to the L&H short Dirty Work.
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    Favourite Eli mishap

    What's your favourite Eli mishap? I particularly enjoyed one in a recent episode on Drama where he was driving a van and went into a field crashing into a haystack. Clegg's incredulity that he'd made it so far before the crash tickled me.
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    Documentaries about Summer Wine

    Are there any documentaries about LotSW?
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    Musical references to other comedies

    I noticed an episode recently (on Drama) that played a short section of Laurel & Hardy music. Have there been other musical references to previous comedies in SW? BTW, one similarity to L&H is the basic innocence of the SW world, and that's perhaps part of the reason why I'm becoming more of a...
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    Entering Summer Wine land

    Not sure what happened but my introductory post disappeared, so will try again. I've begun to really enjoy Summer Wine in the last 2-3 months as it's being repeated on the Drama channel. In the past I found it easy watching but wasn't a fan as such. Now I look forward to when it's on in the...