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    Barry's cars

    Talking of Wesley, it seemed they didn't explain his absence after he died in real life. Is that the case or did I miss something in an episode?
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    Barry's cars

    He even seemed to have the same make in two different colours recently.
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    Barry's cars

    How many different cars did Barry have? We're watching SW on the Drama channel and he seems to have a different one almost every week!
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    Why was he chosen as the vicar?

    The impaled priest is a different one to Spiletto and is played by Patrick Troughton.
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    The Bandit from Stoke On Trent

    Indeed, as in a "puff piece" which exaggerates something and ignores flaws.
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    Which LOTSW star would you most like to have a coffee/dinner with

    I've read that Thora Hird tended to dominate conversations. In terms of characters I'd probably like to have a chat with Clegg as he had depth, but as the real person then maybe Jane Freeman or Kathy Staff.
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    Gentle Comedies

    Drama is also showing SW and is up to 2003.
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    New member

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Another Holmfirth video and a tiger!

    That's a different tiger story to one in Wiltshire:
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    Cast Autobiographies

    It looks that way. The new title is probably to attract more buyers who know about LotSW. There's only a short chapter in the book about SW.
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    I Knew I had one

    I wonder if those were just far comedic effect or if Roy Clarke is an insular Yorkshire man.
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    I Knew I had one

    But they do mention Huddersfield, usually in a tone of disdain.
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    Cast Autobiographies

    My wife has just bought me Peter Sallis' autobiography so I hope it's better than reviews suggest. It's titled something like "Summer Wine and Other Stories, My Autobiography" rather than "Fading Into the Limelight" which I'd seen it called previously.
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    The Ladder in Mending Stuart's Leg

    That's a brilliant scene. I love the way Ollie tips his hat to the streetcar passengers when the ladder leans on it.
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    Series 22

    Apparently he did theatre, but most of his TV parts have been relatively small apart from SW.
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    Series 22

    I'm not keen on Mrs Avery, but think Tom is okay. Not sure about Nora's fawning over Tom and think it may have been better to have had her wondering if he would be as irritating to her as Compo.
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    Why was Ivy confused or shocked?

    I remember seeing an episode lately after Foggy had left where the same post lady seemed to be back delivering mail. Does anyone know if it was the same person?
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    Luther Hobdyke 3rd Man

    Wasn't the series Duty Free all shot in studio even though it was set in Spain? At least in recent times there was the budget to film an overseas based comedy in the actual country with Benidorm.
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    Some recent 'new to me' shows

    Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em is a good comedy with a certain amount of slapstick like LoTSW.