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  1. howardandmarina

    It is FREEZING here!

    So the coldest night of the year tonight and this will be warm compared to next week! It is 8F(-13C) and should be 0F(-17C) by dawn. Next Tuesday a low of -17F(-27C) Um, I think I need to fly to Florida immediately. Everyone stay safe and warm!!!!!!! 8)
  2. howardandmarina

    Heat Wave

    it seems England is experiencing a heat wave this week. My friend who lives in Las Vegas has experienced 117F temps this week (although very low humidity.) Do most new builds in England have air conditioning installed now, or does this happen rarely so as not to need it? I am lucky to live in a...
  3. howardandmarina


    ok, now a question for the British..... How do your co-ops work and in particular travel and other services co-ops? Do you have to pay to shop/purchase there, or is it just investment? I see so many different ones when I am playing on google maps and just wondered how they work and if they are...
  4. howardandmarina

    Fun item that made me laugh!

    Was at a Land's End Inlet which is an outlet store for Land's End today. They resell monogrammed items with errors or items returned here. This is a tote bag that made me laugh out loud. I know a lot of people that might like it! :) P.S. I didn't buy it, but took a picture!