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    It Never Dates

    Now, there are some episodes of Summer Wine that do make it clear that it takes place in the era in which it was produced. I recall two episodes of the Seymour Era in which popular hits of the 1980's plays (and another featuring a youngster with a mullet). But while the show does have those...
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    Series 1 dates

    It is a mixed bag on this one. Most of the time, it is copyrighted for the year it is shown. HOWEVER, there are some copyrighted during the year of production. The two biggest examples for me are Series 9 (dated 1986) and "Who's Looking After The Cafe, Then?" (Dated 1984).
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    Last of the Summer Wine Production Dates

    Now, that's a good question. I do tend to have a feeling that some of the Specials may have been filmed during the same block of production as the following episodes. For instance, "There Goes The Groom" might have been filmed around or during the production of Series 19. Honestly, it would be...
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    Series 1 dates

    That is a really good question: how would they have commented about certain other current events, direct or otherwise. While on the subject of dates, here's a fun fact: for a good while, I believed Series 9 was produced in 1985 and shown the next year. That is because, for some reason, Bright &...
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    Last of the Summer Wine Production Dates

    I've actually gone ahead and added that information to the list, thank you. I'll most likely add more later on.
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    Series 1 dates

    You know, the filming dates for Summer Wine always were interesting to me; it's like, where was I during the time when Series 27 was being done? What was the world like while Series 24 was being filmed? If that makes any sense. Luckily, I was able to see for certain from the back of Alan J. W...
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    Last of the Summer Wine Production Dates

    For the sake of reference, and for those who do not own a copy of Alan J. W. Bell's fantastic book, I will be listing the years of production that saw the making of Last of the Summer Wine. As I do not have access to the book as of this writing, I am going by my best memory. The Comedy...
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    Who's looking after the cafe? Episode

    I was actually wondering about that, too. I guess I'm just used to the front of houses facing the streets. :)
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    Getting Sam Home

    I think I see what you mean when you say it feels 'out of line' with the others. It does have a different feel than most of the episodes. The show already has a cinematic feel to it, but this one feels quite...different. I remember seeing it for the first time back in '06 and vibing with how...
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    My Summer Wine Filming Days Part 1

    Wow, of all days to be your first to see the cast and crew in person, and right after they just heard about the horrible news. I really appreciate you sharing this anecdote, as sad as it is; it's pretty historic in nature.
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    Journey To Summer Wine Land During Filming?

    Okay, so here's a pretty simple question: did any of you actually have the fortune of going on the set of Last of the Summer Wine? Like, what episode(s) were they filming? Did you get to meet any of the cast and crew? C'mon, dish (please)! I remember back in the day (2006-2007) thinking it...
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    Favorite Scene

    Ah yes, that scene; Peter Sallis gives a rather warm performance I wonder if that was intended according to the script, or was that a bit of spontaneous acting from Peter Sallis' part? The scene that's always fascinated me, though, is from "Downhill Racer" when Compo and Cleggy are sliding down...
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    LOTSW Appreciation Society.

    I've heard of this LOTSW appreciation Society and I've always been curious about reading those Journals and Newsletters; perhaps there is a good amount of valuable information to come from them?
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    Elegy for Fallen Wellies

    Three words: See Ya, Compo.
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    Peter Sallis R.I.P.

    Okay, I've just now found out the unfortunate news. I'm really sorry to see you go, Peter, but look! You've left a wonderful legacy in your wake! It's also too bad I never got a chance to meet you in person but in a way, I like to think I have through some of your works. Anyway, it seems my...
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    DVD release

    Ayup, Calvin! (Tips flatcap) Welcome!
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    Computer Game designer required

    @RickAns: Ah, so you are a fellow gamer! I do understand that PC gaming is quite popular with a good amount of gamers; like almost every video game produced nowadays, the game I personally envision would be produced on a PC and I'd try to do it in a way where it wouldn't be too downgraded when...
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    Computer Game designer required

    I'm glad you agree in that a LOTSW game should exist. While the game that I envisioned would be a Playstation exclusive, have you had any ideas as to what LOTSW games could be for the PC?
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    Computer Game designer required

    Well, thank you, Cap'n! Now, granted...some of these ideas did come to me the moment I wrote those passages but some of the other's have been in my mind since about 2005/2006. The game I've been describing would be the Summer Wine game that I would personally want to exist. It would most...
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    Computer Game designer required

    @wstol: Simple games, eh? (starts thinking about Last of The Summer Wine apps) @captain clutterbuck: Were I in charge of bringing out Summer Wine board games, I'd personally release several, actually: one for every era. Personally, I feel as if each era has enough material for their own board...