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    Last of the Summer Wine Production Dates

    For the sake of reference, and for those who do not own a copy of Alan J. W. Bell's fantastic book, I will be listing the years of production that saw the making of Last of the Summer Wine. As I do not have access to the book as of this writing, I am going by my best memory. The Comedy...
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    Journey To Summer Wine Land During Filming?

    Okay, so here's a pretty simple question: did any of you actually have the fortune of going on the set of Last of the Summer Wine? Like, what episode(s) were they filming? Did you get to meet any of the cast and crew? C'mon, dish (please)! I remember back in the day (2006-2007) thinking it...
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    The Loxley Lozenge - 30 Years Later

    (This article will contain information from Alan J. W. Bell's wonderful book "From The Director's Chair". If you've not read that book and would prefer not to see any information from it yet, you may stop reading now.) December 30, 1984. It's 7pm and viewers are tuning in to BBC1 to watch a new...
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    Summer Wine Time Travelling

    Just imagine... You were given the opportunity to take one trip back into the past. You decide to use this trip to travel back in time to see the filming of a specific scene or episode. Which episode or scene would you want to see being filmed were you given this ability? Would you also want...
  5. C - One Of The Best Fansites Not There

    Beside, (or just was one of the first LOTSW sites (probably was THE first site) I visited around the time I started watching the show. It was a rather nice site with a wealth of photos and information. It was also one of those sites where you...
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    LOTSW Appreciation Society Journals - Who's Got Them?

    From what I understand, the LOTSW Appreciation Society gave out Journals pertaining to the show filled with facts and other good stuff. Was any one here lucky enough to collect these Journals?
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    Hello All!

    Hello everyone, Cap n Mac here! I've just joined this forum after looking through it for sometime (or, as some may call it, lurking) and I'm glad to finally join the rest of the Winos! :) You see, it all started that summer night in 2005 when I happened to come across "30 Years Of The Last Of...