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    Who's got a double photo corner?

    I thought I'd start the ball rolling with the 'Who has a Summer Wine' double? No, I'm not referring to alcohol. Join in and we can all have a giggle. This is my look alike. If it is too difficult I will give you a clue. It is not 'Glenda'.
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    My eyes are putting on weight.

    Good Day all. I am ensconced here on the settee trying desperately to think of something to amuse you but my eyes are getting heavy and I am drifting off into the nand of lod.... Err, land of nod. My efforts to write something are mailing fiserably o_O erm failing miserably. Captain, could you...
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    Look alikes

    Do we have any Summer Wine look-alikes among the members? Maybe you could organize a look-alike competition Terry. Should be fun.:12:
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    Who would like this?

    Hands up all those who would like some of this for Christmas. :37:
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    Bob Willis

    Some of you must be cricket fans and be now aware of the death of Bob Willis. Bob was a fantastic bowler and to see his run-up was something special. He was only 70 and as yet I don't know what he died of. Some figures there for you Terry, 8-43 81. All cricket fans will know what they refer to...
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    Bedtime problems

    I crept out of bed this morning and took a quick look out of the window. Brrrr, everything was white, not with snow, with frost. It was when I saw three dogs frozen to a tree that I realized just how cold it was. I dived back into bed and hastily hid under the duvet and lay there contemplating...
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    Where is the car?

    We often see Barry going to work. He comes out of the house, gets into the car, and sets off to the office. We sometimes see Barry part way to work but he is walking. What happened to his car? A few times he is seen walking past Wesley's shed, briefcase in hand, walking to work. On one occasion...
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    Have a nice day.

    Hope you are having a great day.
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    Taters and mash.

    I was sat here wondering what to write about when an idea sprang into my mind. Why not? I said to myself. Just an idea. If you would like to see more let me know and I will try and add to it. Taters and Mash. Main characters are, Ted Armison, Trevor Earnshaw, Roy Simpson........ Madge...
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    The Lion Dog

    This is one of my son's dogs. He lives in OZ and has two Labradoodles. This one has a special trim and causes quite a stir when he goes walkies in the dog park. Many people are taking photos of him or climbing up trees to get out of his way. His name is Chopper. o_O
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    What is the third item?

    Good Day all, it's morning and here is my morning line up of necessaries. Right to left they are my cup for my morning cuppa, a small container for my pee sample for the nurse to collect later and, ......what do you think the smallest container has in it? I am interested to know what you think...
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    Good day.

    :01::01::01: Good Day to y'all, whether it be Morning, Afternoon or Night. That could be shortened to MAN. The trouble with that is the ladies may get the impression that they are being ignored. Far from it, To Noras, Ivys and Glendas everywhere HAND. Have A Nice Day. Mmm, think I'll go back to...
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    Every time I look at this map I get so confused. I thought the equator was East to West not North to South.:oops:
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    Where is this room?

    In the episode 'From Wellies to Wet Suit', Nora is in what looks like a utility room. Through the window she sees Foggy, Clegg and Wally coming down some steps. They are followed by Compo in flippers to Jaws music. Where is that room? I don't know where it is.:rolleyes:
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    Rain and floods

    If you have seen the news you will know that it rained here for more than 24 hours non stop yesterday, a result of which were many floods in Sheffield, Rotherham & Doncaster. Luckily we live on a hill but at the south side of the house it is flat and we can see the Meadowhall Shopping Center...
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    One hour more or less

    Good Morning All and my Best Wishes to everybody hoping that you all will have a nice day. I believe that I have mentioned before that we never put our clocks back in the Fall. When it is 10 o'clock here it is 9 o'clock where you are. This morning a thought occurred to me that if the world comes...
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    Squirrels and pumkins

    We have seen an article on the net about squirrels liking pumpkins. We never knew about this but there is now a half of pumpkin outside the conservatory door. There are plenty of squirrels in the garden. If they come for the pumpkin I will take some photos. Has anyone else heard about squirrels...
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    To all members concerned with the time adjustment. Did you remember to put your clocks back? I adjusted my clock last night but it didn't make any difference, I still look as ugly. :confused2:
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    Anybody watch the rugby? England 19 New Zealand All Blacks 7
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    Unfrozen peas.

    Did anyone hear the news this morning that birds like frozen peas that have been thawed out? My wife will be checking this out. Bang goes my dinner.:oops: