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  1. Barrychuckle

    LOTSW Catchphrases

    Although it's not really a catchphrase type comedy some of the characters have some which are repeated a few times. How many can people name, I'll start with an easy one - Edie - Drink Your Coffee!
  2. Barrychuckle

    Gentle Comedies

    One of the reasons I loved LOTSW so much was it was gentle and inoffensive, it proved you could get laughs without reverting to bad language or innuendo as many comedies sadly do these days. I was wondering whether anyone can recommend any other series which are 'gentle' the two others that...
  3. Barrychuckle

    Get out of That Then - the beginning of the end?

    I'm nearing completion of my back to back viewing of the entire series from start to finish and I feel that this is a very significant episode the series history, which is perhaps overlooked. It represented not only the departure of Nora Batty but the last time Clegg & Truly acted on set which...
  4. Barrychuckle

    HD Episodes

    I've just discovered that Gold now has quite a few episodes to download in HD format, I already have the full series on DVD but none of them are in HD. Watching in HD makes the stunning scenery come to life! Deffo worth a download for those who have Sky and a HD TV!!!!
  5. Barrychuckle

    Fantasy LOTSW Cast

    Further to recent discussions elsewhere on the forum about Still Open All Hours and its similarities with Last Of The Summer Wine, got me thinking what LOTSW would be like if it still was running today. Clearly the cast would have had to evolved as many of the favorites have passed away since...
  6. Barrychuckle

    It's Never Ten Years

    I'm sure you've all seen this episode it's basically a montage of many of Compo's best moments. But can you list the episodes where this scenes are taken from?
  7. Barrychuckle

    Double Appearances...

    It was interesting to read in Alan Bells book that he didn't like using the same actors to play different characters, but I can think of quite a few... I'll start by using the example in his book, June Whitfield, Dephi Potts in Potts In Pole Position & of course Nelly in many other episodes...
  8. Barrychuckle

    Peter Sallis Mini Bio

    Just found this on YouTube, it's quite interesting and I learned a little I didn't know about him! There's also one on Bill Owen on the channel too
  9. Barrychuckle

    Series Scripts

    I'm not sure if these have been shared before but I've stumbled upon a website which has the full scripts for every episode of LOTSW (well nearly -the last 3 episodes seem to be missing) Apologies if you've already seen these, but I find some interesting reading...
  10. Barrychuckle

    A possible solution for the Brexit chaos...

    British politics seems to be in a bit of a mess presently, is anyone with me on suggesting they all have a match of Thumpy Dub to sort it out!!!?? :29::29::37::37:
  11. Barrychuckle

    Would The Nearest Alien Please Come In

    I've recently watched this episode again, something strange I noted about the filming... In the scenes where Kevin is in the Entwhistles pickup when he finds Alvin pretending to be an alien, it looks like some of the scenes are superimposed on film background. I'm not sure if you notice this...
  12. Barrychuckle

    Doggy Wilkinsons Dancing Feet....

    For the eagle eyed amongst you can you spot anything strange about Doggys dancing feet?
  13. Barrychuckle

    ITV's all male comedy writing ban

    For those of you in the UK you may be aware that ITV has banned all comedies written by males or male only teams, the rumour is the BBC is expected to follow suit very soon. I'm hopefully not wanting to appear sexist as some wonderful comedies have been written by female writers such as Miranda...
  14. Barrychuckle

    Barry's Many Cars

    Barry must have been a fan of changing cars as he seemed to have a new car each series!!! I'd be interested to see how many he had during his tenure, can anybody name any of them? In series 27 for example he drove a silver VW Polo
  15. Barrychuckle

    Roy Clarke Character Puzzler

    I'm a big fan of Roy Clarkes 3 most successful comedies, Keeping Up Appearances, Open All Hours & of course LOTSW!!! Many of the actors have appeared in at least 2 of these series ie; Josephine Tewson - Miss Davenport & Elizabeth (KUA) Kathy Staff - Nora Batty & Mrs Blewett (OAH) There are...
  16. Barrychuckle

    Kathy Staff This Is Your Life

    Came across this from 1984 on YouTube, not the best quality bit I found it interesting and it has some of the cast from LOTSW in it!
  17. Barrychuckle

    Herman Teasdale/Moreton Beamish

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed previously, but I've searched the forums and can't find anything specific on it. In the later episodes the character played by Christopher Beeny changed his name from Herman Teadale to Moreton Beamish. Unless I've missed something I cannot find an...
  18. Barrychuckle

    LOTSW Audio Episodes

    I know I've shared these as a comment on an unrelated thread, but some of the audio episodes narrated by Clegg are available on the public domain now. Ideal if you're in the car, or just want to listen to them last thing at night! Definitely worth a listen even if you know the episodes...
  19. Barrychuckle

    The Secret Birthday of Norman Clegg

    As I've previously posted I'm going through the entire series in chronological order, over a year and counting..... I found this episode quite unique, it didn't seem to follow the normal formulaic threads Roy Clarke usually writes in the later series (i.e. Howard & Marina in a new adventure, a...
  20. Barrychuckle

    Character Surnames

    I always find it interesting many of the characters haven't got know surnames or are very seldomly mentioned. Ie Howard & Barry I think they are Sibshaw & Williams from memory. Is Marina's surname ever mentioned?