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  1. dick

    Bank Notes

    Has anyone had any bother with the new polymer banknotes? I seem to have had a few lately that are either splitting or already have Sellotape mends !:confused2:
  2. dick

    Cars with no "LIDS " on.

    The sales of " Cabriolet " cars or no lids(as Norah called them) must have gone through the roof (pardon the pun).Every other one that passes by my flat lately during this fine weather has no lid !;):fp:
  3. dick

    I'm Depressed !

    Just read in the paper that my "free TV licence" is to be revoked. I've not had the darn thing 6 months . Meanwhile Lineker et al are getting a pay rise ?? :eyesroll::20:
  4. dick

    Any other Cricket fans ??

    I have been watching the Word Cup Cricket. I have had to watch it with the sound off most of the time. There are innumerable shots of the crowd and they all seem to be there , not for the cricket , but to get themselves on the telly ! They appear to want to climb inside the camera. I know...
  5. dick

    Bank Holiday again !

    Yesterday two men dug a hole at the intersection near where I live. 2 hours of noise and then they left. They placed a plastic fence around and keep left signs and. that was it . Today no sign of them and it seems now that the earliest we may see them back will be Tuesday or Wednesday. What...
  6. dick

    Old Fashioned ??

    I don't get out a great deal and watch cricket and football on TV . Why are modern sportsmen adopting the hairstyles they do ?? Their hair is long on top or on one side. The rest is near enough shaved ! They remind me of the New Romantics on the pop scene a few years ago!My mother would have...
  7. dick

    Junk Mail

    As I unload another heap of junk mail and newspaper inserts into the re-cycling bin I wondered to myself . How many more of us use up resources of various kinds just to try and be "green". How much energy is used to produce and deliver this "bumf"? How much more energy is used sorting and...
  8. dick


    Has any one noticed how people on mobile phones still point and gesticulate to make a point. After all its not as though the other person can see them !:confused2::eyesroll:
  9. dick


    I have a new pet hate and am grinding my teeth over it !It is for the seal strips around the necks of loaves of bread Lately all I seem to get are the two ends stuck tightly together or they have another piece stuck between them and have to be picked apart .By the time I sort it out my temper...
  10. dick


    There are a group of men cutting down an overgrown hedge opposite me. All well and good but...…...They are shredding the "clippings" and creating quite a racket.They all have ear defenders but are not using them properly. The guy with the chainsaw has only one ear covered. The man on the...
  11. dick


    I am sure you all will join with me in praising the rescue of the boys in the flooded cave. Sorrow that it cost one of the divers his life though.
  12. dick

    Compo's ladies

    In THE SUIT THAT ATTRACTS BLONDES and also ONCE IN A MOONLIT JUNKYARD Compo has to escape from two formidable ladies. Both of them called Babs! I wonder if Roy Clarke intended using the same name or did he make a mistake ??:eyesroll:
  13. dick


    BBC4 Tonight from 10-35 to 12-35, ROOM 101 (He asks that Portsmouth be put in)...
  14. dick

    Bill Owens Birthday

    It would have been Bill's birthday today. He once described the character of Compo as "a geriatric Just William " His hobbies were listed as fishing sex and whiskey !Not necessarily in that order !:22:
  15. dick


    Just watched a clip of LOU REED doing" A Perfect Day " from an old Jules Holland show. Alongside LOU was an exponent of TAI CHI. He was obviously an expert and very supple. However good he was ,I could not help smiling and imagining Norah in the café ! :D:22::rolling:
  16. dick

    Recycled Storylines

    Just seen a trailer for Open All Hours S3 Episode 3. ...................Duet for Solo Bicycle............Arkwright is worried about a persistent squeak on Granvilles bicycle.! :02: Apparently Roy did not just recycle story ideas in series He recycled them between different...
  17. dick

    Nhs costs

    I have just done a questionnaire about my recent dentist visit. I was somewhat dismayed that if I paid for my treatment ( which I don't because of my age) it would have cost me £6-50 more than in Wales and a similar amount more than Scotland or Northern Ireland. I thought NHS was equal in the...
  18. dick

    Food shortage due??

    Being on the first floor overlooking a busy junction ,I look at people passing .I've noticed the same shoppers going by every day and coming back laden !Either they all have large families or they are getting through a load of food, The same faces have been coming and going since before...
  19. dick

    Does TV send the wrong messages??

    Having brought a family up on very little money, working 70 and 80 hrs a week in the process I am sick of seeing adverts where kids AND adults jump up and down on the furniture. We struggled to provide even basic furniture and it was a great day when we had a new suite etc.To see furniture "...
  20. dick

    Chateau Norah ??

    Has anyone been to the vineyard near Holmefirth ? My daughter and her husband won tickets for a wine tasting afternoon. They went last Friday. It was not until they engaged their sat-nav that they realised where it was (we could have taken you dad!).After the wine they travelled down into the...