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    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    What's wrong with my hats?
  2. J

    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    It looks like the den of the great wardrobe spider
  3. J

    What Newspaper

    Is it The Daily Mirror? We see Wally emerging from the outside toilet in "The White Man's Grave" with a copy. How do I know this? Just by sheer coincidence, watching this episode this evening.
  4. J


    Thank you for posting this warning, Pearl and I am glad your aunt did not get involved with this scammer. It may be worth checking with the Trading Standards department of her local council (in addition to reporting this fraudster to them) to see if they supply sternly-worded window stickers...
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    Getting on Sidneys Wire

    Just going through some Holmfirth holiday photos to send family, and discovered I had taken one of the New Mill toilets without realising it! (What a numpty, but in my defence, it had been a while since I'd watched the episode in question). It was just a fun snap of the bus stop on my way back...
  6. J

    2020 Last of The Summer Wine Calendar

    That's a different calendar from the Andrew Swales one, which this year is called "Holmfirth" (there is also one available from Andrew Swales with views of Huddersfield). Already got the "Holmfirth" one but the Summer Wine one looks nice too. I maybe need to write a wee note to Santa.
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    Got to agree with you Peri, shameful is exactly the right word.
  8. J

    Eileen Watkins hill

    Wow, that's great detective work Terry! I had a look on Google Street View and followed Dean Lane along to the junction with Dean Bridge Lane. That looks like the place in Hepworth where local bus drivers have the unenviable job of turning buses around in a extremely small space.
  9. J

    Pick two episodes s3

    I can't do it - for me they are all first equal! The one that made me laugh most though was "The Kink in Foggy's Niblick", just for the sheer absurdity, and Brian Wilde's straight face throughout it all.
  10. J

    R.I.P Juliette

    That's very sad news. R.I.P. Juliette, a wonderful actress and from all accounts a lovely person too.
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    Your favourite Summer Wine line

    One could just imagine that poor bloke turning up in Fawlty Towers too.
  12. J

    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    The man is obviously a mechanical idiot
  13. J

    Eileen Watkins hill

    Thanks Terry, wonder if there is any member out there who knows this place? Of course there has probably been a bit of new building since the late 1970's so it won't look exactly as it does in the episode.
  14. J

    Your favourite Summer Wine line

    [answer to Can't say the food was up to much. ...but the floor show...!] A Customer in "Who's Looking after the Cafe Then".
  15. J

    Eileen Watkins hill

    Just been watching "Here We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder" and could not place the location where the trio are at the beginning of the programme and Compo is reminiscing about rolling Eileen Watkins down the hill. The trio are in a country place, but looking across the way from where they are...
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    Getting on Sidneys Wire

    Public toilets are getting shut all over Scotland too. One old toilet building near where I live has been turned into a pizza joint. Never tried them, would rather buy from Tesco!
  17. J

    Bank Notes

    I haven't had any splitting (yet), but find that they don't stay folded very well.
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    Getting on Sidneys Wire

    Just watching this episode yesterday and I recognised New Mill but not the toilets. Turns out the local council in their "wisdom" ended up getting rid of them - found this online from 2013 when it was still at the planning stage...
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    Crusher/Milburn, lost to the show all too soon.

    Ironic that Jonathan lost his part after such an admirable achievement. You would think the role could have been adapted somehow to take in his new appearance.
  20. J

    2020 Holmfirth Calendar

    Thanks Marianna for the heads-up - had actually just been thinking about looking online to see if the calendars were ready. Last year I'd bought one in August from the Wrinkled Stocking tea room, but was in Holmfirth too early in the summer this year to expect them to be on sale. Maybe the...