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  1. onyx(John)

    Lower class stamps

  2. onyx(John)

    I wish I'd taken this photo

    Julie-Ann is the niece of a neighbour
  3. onyx(John)

    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    Contract lens
  4. onyx(John)

    Lobby Lud

    I'm trying to remember the episode where Clegg stated "I am Lobby Lud and I claim my £5". I never knew what he meant until Alexa enlightened me. She's a proper know it all that one.^^>:
  5. onyx(John)

    The place is full of them!

    Wherever you sit Nora, you will be noticed in that hat
  6. onyx(John)

    jokes bad or otherwise.

    George Leggett lives. Called the RSPCA today and said, "I've just found a suitcase in the woods containing a fox and four cubs." "That's terrible," she replied. "Are they moving?" "I'm not sure, to be honest," I said, "But that would explain the suitcase."
  7. onyx(John)


    Sure it must have been a bittersweet trip:25:. Love to all
  8. onyx(John)

    The music thread

    Another sea shanty from the lovely Kate Rusby
  9. onyx(John)

    So why didn't Entwistle have one

    Helps stop lust! I remember that ad so well.
  10. onyx(John)

    Trim Castle

    I do Roger, about five minutes walk from the castle. The castle appeared in Braveheart the movie.
  11. onyx(John)

    Trim Castle

    Not my photo.
  12. onyx(John)

    See ya Compo

    Trying to imagine what Compo's farewell letter might have actually looked like I came up with this. See ya Compo
  13. onyx(John)

    Desperately seeking Sibshaw

    A common thread in Roy Clarke's work seems to be the presence of the desperate female. Lucinda Davenport and Marina in LotSW (you'd have to be desperate to want Howard as your beau). Rose in KUA and Delphine Feartherstone in Still OAH and just for a change it's Granville who's the desperate one...
  14. onyx(John)


    "April 1985, 50,000 feet over the Irish Sea, this is the only picture ever taken of a Concorde flying over Mach 2. The photo itself was taken by Adrian Meredith, a prestigious British photographer, from a Panavia Tornado, a British fighter of the Royal Air Force. Meredith had to be quick and...
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    I'm not a toy

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    How do ladies