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  1. manwinoname

    puzzle pic

    a northern ireland band one of my favourite bands to, maybe because im a northern irish boy myself lol , never tire of listening them
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    puzzle pic

    this pic is of the Undertones, a punk band who i think played at the cinema in the village , now does any one know were this pic was taken ?, im told it is in Holmfirth
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    Thanks for inviting me here

    thanks, peripheral , hi noname1, i know wellhouse very well i might even know you, any way welcome to the forum , i dont have much time to come on any more but its a lovely friendly forum full of barmpots,
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    New here and "learning the business"

    loved that crusher character, big daft lad haha typical big gormless yorshire lad
  5. manwinoname

    Holmfirth Railway Station interesting link ,
  6. manwinoname

    Holmfirth Railway Station

  7. manwinoname

    puzzle pic

  8. manwinoname

    Underbank rangers from holmfirth

    this game is being shown live on bbc red button , kick off is one pm ,
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    hi rich , hope you enjoy the site , some great members on here who realy know there stuff...

    hi rich , hope you enjoy the site , some great members on here who realy know there stuff about summer wine ,they put me to shame and ive lived around summer wine area sixty years,
  10. manwinoname

    valentine gift

    Looking for a bit of advice... What's the best number of Roses to give the Mrs for Valentine's Day? - 6 ? 12 ? 24 ? Or the whole tin ?
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    The New Year, 2020

    great little story , give us some more Peri
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    Gentle Comedies

    one that im sure you would like is called Nearest and Dearest,, starring Hilda Baker and Jimmy Jewel and Joe Gladwin, very very funny .. 42 episodes were made some are in black and white ,some of the things that Hilda Baker says just cracks me up she is one funny lady
  13. manwinoname

    summer wine dvd collection

    would make a great xmas present for someone
  14. manwinoname

    summer wine dvd collection
  15. manwinoname

    jokes bad or otherwise.

    when i got married my wife came walking down the aisle backwards, she used to sell ice cream at the local pictures !!!
  16. manwinoname

    Spot the mistake

    they were probably hoping that ya wouldnt notice it lol
  17. manwinoname

    scarborough,, a new tv comedy series

    this show was very much like the Benidorm series , karaoke bar , hairdressers, ill watch again and ive no idea what the connection is with LOSW