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  1. Glenda


    Compo saw a winkle in The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper but it was 'gone in a flash'
  2. Glenda

    The Most Dangerous #2

    He drove a red morris minor van into a haystack.
  3. Glenda

    Password reset

    Same here. I had to use the 'forgot password' to reset my password even though I hadn't forgot it.
  4. Glenda

    Cast That Had The 'Yourksheer' Accent

    I remember watching an interview with Peter Sallis. He said he didn't do a genuine Yorkshire accent, he did a North London Yorkshire accent, and if he did a genuine Yorkshire accent, nobody would know what he was talking about.
  5. Glenda

    COVID Vaccine.

    What are the new ChuckMobiles like?
  6. Glenda

    Quickfire Question #81

    Compo mentioned his Uncle Dudley in Getting Sam Home. He had a hernia.
  7. Glenda

    Reggie Aka liz Fraser

    I thought it strange that in the Throstlenest episode Reggie didn't seem too shocked or upset at the news, she was just happy that she'd got Compo's ferrets. Then in Just a small Funeral, apart from the church scene, she appeared happy and unmoved. Not what you'd expect if they'd had a close...
  8. Glenda

    Audio Quiz #9

    That Certain Smile. Clem's plastic key ring.
  9. Glenda

    Quickfire Question #79

    The chairs? I think they changed from white to a dark wood colour.
  10. Glenda

    Audio Quiz #6

    Billy Ingleton in Extra Extra when Ivy shoved the bun in his mouth and he staggered backwards. The tune was similar to the one he played in The man who nearly knew Pavarotti.
  11. Glenda

    Audio Quiz #2

    Edie and the Automobile. The trio riding down a hill on Clegg's bike.
  12. Glenda

    Audio Quiz #2

    The ice cream man cometh?
  13. Glenda

    News flash!

    Probably but there also appears to be a letter box in the door between the lounge and the garden room.
  14. Glenda

    News flash!

    There is a letter box but not where you'd expect it to be. Did anyone else spot it in the estate agent's pictures?
  15. Glenda

    Reg Numbers #62

  16. Glenda

    Reg Numbers #60

    Was it Nelly's car with the sliding doors? She had two, a gold one and a blue one.
  17. Glenda

    Reg Numbers #59

    Barry's City Rover? The one that Glenda enjoyed driving.
  18. Glenda

    COVID Vaccine.

    Today's announcement was for England, not the UK as the captain said, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have there own rules.
  19. Glenda

    Reg Numbers #58

    Miss Davenport's van, In which Gavin Hinchcliffe loses the Gulf Stream?