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    Wasn't there an episode where Clegg serves beans on toast to Compo? I'm thinking early seasons, possibly before Clegg moved houses. Have an image of that in my head but cannot think of the episode title. Please say if you know.
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    Wally would be proud of this bird.

    Oops, I noticed a typo of my own up there in leaving off a 0 (zero or Zed) from the range. Meant to say a range of almost a 1,000 miles, not 1,00.
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    Wally would be proud of this bird.

    I had no idea racing pigeons or even pigeons were this fast! Or could fly this far. A range of almost 1,00 miles (1,600 km) and speeds of up to 80mph (130kph) with a tailwind with average of 37 mph (60kph) on a calm day. - Info from racing pigeon Wiki. I think Wally would be pleased to have...
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    First of the Summer Wine on YouTube

    Hi, @knockitoffnow89 ! Greets and Weclome to the forums. Thanks for responding and hope you do not mind that I linked you here. Was trying to spread around some 'First of the Summer Wine 'love to fellow fans. I knew there would be some on here who may not have seem them yet. Glad you are...
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    The Vagaries of Aunties Shop

    True, and all the wet suits she had when Howard and Marina wanted a pair for disguise. But she did like to buy things in job lots at a discount. Thinking about her getting a half a dozen coffins.
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    How things change over the years

    Out of curiosity, does it list the weight of the contents on both your containers? I'm thinking maybe half and probably twice the price as well. :frown2:
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    Role Reversal

    Wow, what a great thread idea! Is nice to get a female perspective on things. I'd enjoy watching this show as well. Some really fine ladies mentioned: Pat Coombs, Felicity Kendall, Joanna Lumley , Penelope Keith, Prunella Scales... I think Liz Smith would make a wonderful Compo type...
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    I need your help Winos

    Yes, that is a classic movie been some years since I have seen it. I know of the actor John Savident after looking up Sam Elliott. Remember seeing him in Lovejoy, Yes Minister, Black Adder, Battle of Britain. I can picture him more readily in Yes, Minister at the moment.
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    I need your help Winos

    Not even sure if I had heard the name before you mentioned him, Barry. I'm guessing no relation to Sam Elliott. :)
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    I need your help Winos

    From Google: Fred Elliot's - "Scotch and Thread" - what is it? — Digital Spy It is in fact, a "Scotch and Threat" - Meaning he likes his Scotch with only the slightest hint (or threat) of water, or maybe no water at all.
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    I need your help Winos

    That sounds like an amazing treat! Been awhile since I have had a nice single malt. Can't say I have tried Balvenie yet but I am really tempted by your idea to find a bottle. Hope you can find a bottle and please share what you think of it.
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    First of the Summer Wine on YouTube

    I found someone has posted them on YouTube, for those who have yet to see First of the Summer Wine or wishing to watch again that do not have the DVDs. They go by the username knockitoffnow89. Seems to be full episodes and not mangled by anti-CP trickery (only watched a bit of the 1st ep)...
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    Why did season three feature Gordon?

    Hiyas bigcat, Since you are making your way through the series of Last of the Summer Wine have you also checked out our forum member theatrically_inclined 's excellent "Summer Wine Decanted" series on YouTube? He has crafted a wonderfully informative set of videos on our much loved show...
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    Dog or Cat

    Dog guy, me. Had more dogs than cats over the years and more partial to them. Some of the cats I have know have been really friendly but most, well to quote Rupert Rigsby of Rising Damp "If they could handle a tin opener I wouldn't see them for smoke." Also had a 'The Flat Cat' cardboard...
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    Found is it Yours

    Aunty is like Arkwright, keeps it in a money belt with an alarm system attached to it.
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    Getting Sam Home Remastered

    Sounds fantastic. Would be nice to see it on the interwebs sometime. Here's to hoping they remaster the rest of the episodes. :18:
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    AWOL but on the mend

    Wish you well, Marianna.
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    Tom's Waldo dog puppet question of sorts

    Those are amazing, ferret! She does great work. You have given me the idea of maybe a cute, small ferret as a nod to Compo. The ones I have looked at on eBay / Amazon are a bit larger than what I had in mind. They were about a foot or so long. Was thinking something more jacket pocket...
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    Tom's Waldo dog puppet question of sorts

    Do any of you know of a mini-version of Tom's Waldo dog puppet available? Or, something that looks similar? Or, another Last of the Summer Wine iconic type item - a small Welly, perhaps? I ask because I had an interesting idea occur to me the other night while planning visiting locations of...
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    Wind Power

    Thanks, Terry. When I said Packhorse Bridge area in the previous post I actually meant Eastergate Bridge area. I have found several hiking routes via Komoot that go to the March Haigh Reservoir and back to Marsden area. Which passes Eastergate, Standedge Tunnel and Packhorse Bridge...