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  1. cciaffone


    Hey Glenda, welcome to the forum. We live in Durham NC USA, but we fly up to Holmfirth sometimes several times a year. We own and watch many LOTSW shows a week mostly downloaded off the internet. great to have you on here!! chuck ciaffone
  2. cciaffone

    A swift return

    Welcome back Cod from chuck in Durham NC. Still driving the MG bur no longer smoking.
  3. cciaffone

    New member

    welcome too from Durham Nawth Carolina! chuck
  4. cciaffone

    Important Saturday 1st August

    Again I want to thank you all for keeping Summer Wine alive here in Durham NC. Chuck and Nancy
  5. cciaffone

    New here and "learning the business"

    Hey Up Crusher, So glad you are with us. I am Chuck here in Durham (North Carolina) Been a Summer Wine fan for ever and have them all on several media.
  6. cciaffone

    If You Watch

    Gotta say I think you are wrong. As one from the States, here in Durham NC, we love All Mod Conned and every other episode of Summer Wine. We own and watch them all every night before bed. Shall do it again tonight as well. Wife and I have been watching Summer Wine religiously for many many...
  7. cciaffone


    YAAYYYY! Hope this continues to get better. chuck
  8. cciaffone

    Hi everyone!

    Yes indeed, welcome here to Durham .. that's in North Carolina. chuck
  9. cciaffone

    Dame Vera Lynn

    Yes, Vera, may ye rest in peace!
  10. cciaffone

    Why is PC determined to destroy the world

    Many of the evening tv shows we see are preceded by some sort of mild warming about language/scenes/plots/etc that might disturb. But most of what we watch we downloaded. We watch little but the news actually on the tv.
  11. cciaffone

    First Cars

    Still driving our 72 MG Midget
  12. cciaffone

    Lockdown exercises.

    Entwistle, so what are you riding? Wife and I ride our tandem very often. But only about 20-30 miles a time.
  13. cciaffone

    Gorgeous Granddad Competition.

    While not gorgeous, I am definitely a Granddad. My ELENA is just about 18.
  14. cciaffone


    Happy Birthday Bruce!! (Thought that was Merry Harry Returns??)
  15. cciaffone

    Annual behind-the-desk tidy

    Marianna, having worked at/for IBM for many years I do know the PS2 (and the PC, and ...)
  16. cciaffone


    Wife and I just like "stroking" it. Cat and dog like teasing it. My kids grew up with it and know nothing else. IBM Gym is mostly closed now because of the virus. Neighbors are now used to it. Time was, back some decades ago, I had hair down to here as well, Back as a young "hippie" writing...
  17. cciaffone

    If you need to Laugh

    Must have an automatic, right? We have three manuals including the MG.
  18. cciaffone


    Have had a beard and mustache for many years now, being over 75.
  19. cciaffone

    What will you tell yourself 1 year from now?

    I am also Cisco certified. After years at IBM I then worked for Cisco Systems here in RTP North Carolina. Altho my pension is from IBM, my fun was at Cisco.
  20. cciaffone

    Randol 1

    From here in NC we fly into Manchester rent a car and then drive Holmfirth. Places we like to go are Holmfirth and hawes.