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    Can you from this #007

    Uncle of the Bride?
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    Getting Sam Home getting an Xmas Eve BBC4 showing

    I don't understand why One Foot in the Algarve would need restoring. Admittedly it's 30 years old now, but this was made at a time when vintage programmes were treasured, and lost programmes were much sought after - so surely this programme should have been preserved and kept in pristine...
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    Can you from this #002

    The Loxley Lozenge?
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    Can you from this #001

    I'm going to guess Mending Stuart's Leg.
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    Old Newspapers or Magazine

    Is Today newspaper still going?
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    Classic bags of Crisps that are no more

    They weren't in a bag, they were in a tube. Cadbury's Stackers - these were before Pringles, and in a very similar sized tube - and tasted even better.
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    What episodes do you skip over? Or, what parts of the episode do you skip?

    Would you have realised it was someone else's voice if you hadn't been told?
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    Do we need ChatGPT on the forums? - POLL

    We don't need ChatGPT and we don't want ChatGPT. What is ChatGPT?
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    First of the Summer Wine.

    If they brought that show back, with the same actors, 34 years after it ended, I suppose the show would be somewhere around 1973 - when the original programme began. Technically they could make new episodes that would complement Series One of LOTSW. Of course, it wouldn't be the same.
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    Absolute perfection. Brilliant idea, and so helpful to see at a glance who was in each series.
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    Brian Wilde spreads Clover

    Very reasonably sure it doesn't contain honey. Probably one molecule away from being uPVC plastic.
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    Brian Wilde spreads Clover

    So this is the kind of stuff Brian Wilde left LOTSW to do. I don't actually remember this particular advert.
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    Brian Wilde spreads Clover

    Anyone noticed that Clover does NOT spread straight from the fridge NOWADAYS?
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    We so need a picture of this :) .
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    Found the cause of the outtage.

    Thanks Gothic for all your hard work. i couldn't do it.
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    Morrisons Ha Ha

    But the Morrison fuel prices will presumably vary every few days/week?
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    Sam picks his spot

    Great words.
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    Mabel, she's a treasure

    Does he eat the bones as well?
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    What if?

    In the show, Clegg was going to confess to Sybil anyway - so it would have been sorted out 'fairly' easily...
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    Gentle Comedies

    The Other One with Richard Briers and Michael Gambon.