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  1. Sarkus

    Ist or 2nd Foggy Era

    I would say I prefer first era Foggy, but not by much. Along with some weaker episodes in the 2nd run, the show by then was suffering from having to write around the age of the actors and the limits of what they could pull off with limited stunt double use. One thing I do like about the 2nd...
  2. Sarkus

    Edie Pegden Later Episodes

    Alan Bell clearly had a loyalty to her and she also seems to have wanted to keep appearing. IIRC, in his book he says her final series was all filmed in a day or two in a studio with only Sarah Thomas present. It's interesting to watch that series and see how they made it look like she was...
  3. Sarkus

    Tom Surname-ite

    I thought this was clearly explained when Tom was introduced. His mother told him his father had died in the war, meaning she was one of Compo's wartime girlfriends. Tom didn't find out until later (after his mother died?) that she hadn't told him the truth. I think the "why did it take you...
  4. Sarkus

    Great Stephen Lewis interview stuff

    Its not the video I linked, but in one of them they show that when he showed up to do the interview he brought his old Blake costume and put it on to do an improvised little sketch for them. I remember reading once that when he was living in a retirement home near the end of his life, he would...
  5. Sarkus

    Great Stephen Lewis interview stuff

    I kind of referenced this in another thread, but I recently came across this On the Buses video content and it includes parts of a lengthy Stephen Lewis interview done in 2002. There are several videos with Stephen in them.
  6. Sarkus

    One-off characters who became regulars

    That wasn't who he really was, though. Check out this video I just watched that is mostly talking about Bob Grant from "On the Buses" but includes a couple of Stephen Lewis as himself interview segments. The video talks about how Grant was typecast but the same thing happened to Lewis.
  7. Sarkus

    One-off characters who became regulars

    I'm not sure Alvin qualifies. He appeared in the holiday special but then in a supporting role in the final episode of the same series. Usually, a one-off is someone who appears once in a series/season with no intent or plan that they come back. They committed to at least two Alvin...
  8. Sarkus

    Howard and the Missing Pearl

    It was a late night show back then but when Thora Hird joined the cast they were put into an earlier timeslot is my understanding. It wasn't Hird's fault - she was fine with the more adult aspects of the show, it was the BBC that concluded that people would assume her presence meant it was...
  9. Sarkus

    Howard and the Missing Pearl

    It's one of those "this is funnier then what makes sense" situations, usually. The show is full of them. The one that always bothers me is from the period when Smiler was a lodger with Nora. There is an episode where he is complaining that she locks him out all day and doesn't let him just...
  10. Sarkus

    Edie Bouquet

    I'm not sure where I read it, but the statement was that Hyacinth was an intentional expansion of the Edie character by Roy Clarke. So, basically, he felt limited by what he could do with Edie in LOTSW and so created a series around a very similar character. If that is the case, I wonder if...
  11. Sarkus

    Simpsons Plagiarism?

    Plagiarism is a pretty strong term to use. There actually aren't all that many successful plagiarism lawsuits when it comes to TV and movies, mainly because you can't really claim most of it as unique. For example, a lot of model train fans wear a hat while they play with their set; it's...
  12. Sarkus

    RIP Tom Owen

    Yes, I realize that. By the definition given that is accurate but he is listing characters who appeared at least three times as well as regulars. I don't personally consider those who appeared a handful of times as having the same importance to the show as someone who appeared in multiple...
  13. Sarkus

    RIP Tom Owen

    Thanks for that list. In my mind I think of Jonathan Linsley/Crusher as the earliest appearing regular that is still around. As a minor note, Maggie Ollerenshaw did also show up in "The Flag and Further Snags" as the Commodore's unnamed girlfriend (in case you'd forgotten ;-))
  14. Sarkus

    Where did Ivy cook?

    It was for sure used in Last Post and Pigeon.
  15. Sarkus

    Where did Ivy cook?

    I think its supposed to be a different location in that episode based on a few clues. First, Sid mentions to Ivy that her relatives never come "down" (visit/patronize) to the cafe, which doesn't make sense if they are upstairs in the same building or close by. Second, Sid sneaks out and runs...
  16. Sarkus

    Last of the Summer Wine Magazine

    The update on the bench reminds me of that fan funded statue of Compo project. Did anything ever happen with that? Last update I saw they had some sort of stella created (that nobody liked) and they were talking about putting it up somewhere. Later somebody else took over the whole project...
  17. Sarkus

    How not to cry at funerals and fish

    Hard to say as that stuff isn't pixelated on my UK copies. Either it was done by the distributor who sells the show in the US or maybe by the station you are watching itself. There are only a few episodes like that - another is in Series 9 when Seymour builds a garbage disposal for Edie. A...
  18. Sarkus

    That Christmas Episode......"Extra Extra".......

    The first two series Compo is absolutely a less lovable rogue, with a harder edge to him. Along with Some Enchanted Evening, you have Spring Fever from Series 1. On the other hand, Clegg is also different, and I have always wished that we didn't lose that version of him. Clarke probably was...
  19. Sarkus

    That Christmas Episode......"Extra Extra".......

    "Big Day at Dream Acres" will always be the worst episode for me, but there are others I'm not really fond of. I find "Extra! Extra" alright, but I think it suffers from too much attention paid to the guest star in scenes without the shows characters (but I guess they felt he was a big name and...
  20. Sarkus

    Trio overlap

    There were two full Compo/Clegg/Truly series (19 and 20) before the final series Bill Owen appeared in (21). Series 19 I've always felt is a bit uneven since it was written mostly as a Compo/Clegg/Foggy series where they had to substitute Truly at the last minute. So, Series 20 is the only...