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  1. Adanor

    Summer Wine roads.

    Well, here in the Washington, DC area, we have some roads that were probably first established sometime in the 1700's, that go over lots of hills and are not straight. And of course, there is the Beltway which is not straight.
  2. Adanor

    Programs Getting Shorter

    And then there was the vertical hold and how it wouldn't hold; and then when they first went to color, all the faces were green.
  3. Adanor

    What's your favourite episode?

    That scene sort of just happened. It did not go according to plan -- BUT -- it seemed to work so they left it in.
  4. Adanor

    Wesley's Land Rover questions

    ...Compo reluctantly had many modes of transport but calling them vehicles is pushing it a bit too far!! :) ;) Didn't Compo drive a motorcycle plus type vehicle? Not even sure what that might be called. Also in The New Mobile Trio, didn't Compo own 1/3 of the car?
  5. Adanor

    Eternal Laws of Summerwineland...

    Unless you happened to have finished celebrating your anniversary at a pub and then are put in a trash bin to dry out, come to find out that the trash truck (lorrie) has just paid a call. What to do? Just stand up and sing!
  6. Adanor

    A Stephen Lewis Story

    So what is the story? Did Stephen Lewis actually drive a bus? When they gave him the Hoopty (car), Tom always drove it.
  7. Adanor

    Are you a Yankee? You might be and not even know it.

    Speaking of accents, one of the pastors in my church has crossed the Pond, but originally hails from somewhere in or around London and speaks exactly like someone from the BBC News. His accent is most riveting.
  8. Adanor

    Eternal Laws of Summerwineland...

    Only old dumpy looking men such as Capt. Zero and that wannabe astronaut aim for the sky. Yes, Barry flew in that "kite" but he didn't really get very high and he really didn't want to do it.
  9. Adanor

    Eternal Laws of Summerwineland...

    In the later years, Barry never exactly retired, but was mostly seen golfing or engaging in other activities.
  10. Adanor

    What the characters did offscreen

    If they needed Peter Sallis for a scene and he could not be located, they could always check the local bookstore and find him among the stacks.
  11. Adanor

    The Documentary

    Well, the weather here across the Pond is curious. The cherry blossoms are scheduled to be out in about three weeks, the forsythia is already out and the birds are happily chirping. The current temperature is 65F (18.3C) and many people are running around in shorts and flip flops. Very, very odd.
  12. Adanor

    Eternal Laws of Summerwineland...

    1. If there is a coffin "on view" or a funeral, a ferret will invariably be introduced and let loose by Compo. 2. The trio were always dressed with a coat and tie. Even Compo always had sort of a tie or kerchief. 3. The police officers (those two) never did any police work. 4. No matter what...
  13. Adanor

    Have a wander around Pearl & Howards house

    Very interesting. Nice to see what is actually behind that wooden door. So what are the updates that could be made? First and foremost, a powder room (toilet and wash basin) on (well you can't really call it the first floor as across the pond it's the second floor, so I'll call it) the main...
  14. Adanor

    Gentle Comedies

    Let's remember that Roy Clarke used to be a cop so the sitcoms he wrote were probably based on everything he wanted do as a cop and couldn't. Things such as going off in the far reaches, pulling out a grill and fixing lunch. Or watching someone exceed the speed limit and failing to cite him...
  15. Adanor

    Foggy gave Holmfirth an Idea

    Here, across the Pond, Macy's, a famous department store, traditionally holds a parade on Thanksgiving Day in New York City. And this parade ends with the arrival of Santa Claus which signals the start of the Christmas shopping season. Well, it, actually starts on the very next day, a day...
  16. Adanor

    Gentle Comedies

    I could be wrong, but I think that he was waterskiing in an arena and did a stunt going up a ramp, hence jumping a shark. As a note, in real life he did not enjoy motorcycles.
  17. Adanor

    The west's answer to the Chinese balloon

    So what was the dog thinking? "Suddenly, I'm Super Dog!"
  18. Adanor

    Just to answer a Question

    I am just wondering, if a regular actor plays the part of a murder victim or some other short appearance, does he or she get the regular wage? I know that this doesn't really apply for the gentle comedies, but I am just wondering. Yes, I know --- Peter Sallis and Frank Thornton were not stiffed...
  19. Adanor

    I Bought these for the next staff meeting

    Back when I was working, we'd have Bagel day (with lots of cream cheese) every Wednesday. Oh my BMI is suffering.
  20. Adanor

    No more Window$ 10 from M$

    The techs have been telling me that soon the desk top with a separate CPU will be remade into sort of a laptop. So it most likely will become portable.