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  1. Onslow

    53°34'02.6"N 1°44'09.3"W

    We have a chain of small stores in the U.S. called Dollar General that are noted for their random/remote (sometimes oddly) targeted locations. It has inspired memes which could easily have potential for Barry's plot (Pound World?)
  2. Onslow

    The music thread

    Great artist. My best friend turned me on to Corridors of Power in high school
  3. Onslow

    The music thread

    Baritone ukulele
  4. Onslow

    New Book released today Update

    Sold! Just placed an order.
  5. Onslow

    New Book released today Update

    For those using amazon in U.S. Based on the Look Inside it appears to start off identical to the 2020 edition.
  6. Onslow

    One-off characters who became regulars

    I'm going to go on a stretch here. They just aired Cheering Up Gordon over the weekend on public television here in the States. It's a fuzzy picture, but I'd almost swear that was Jean Alexander admonishing Foggy for stepping out on the balcony in his pajamas at the beginning of the episode.
  7. Onslow

    For train buffs

    Can't go wrong putting most any kind of train around a tree. Especially O or G scale. Mine will be HO if any at all.
  8. Onslow

    Gilligan’s Island - American intellectual comedy

    This series came with its own set of "make you wonder"s. Among them: So many sets of clothes (usually the passengers) packed for a three-hour excursion? Laundry (especially for Gilligan and Skipper)? The volume of structures and apparatuses built from bamboo would have required several machetes...
  9. Onslow

    Northern Travel

    Would have liked to see the dales and Holmfirth area but this was interesting nonetheless.
  10. Onslow

    The music thread

    Saw them in concert a few days ago with my best friends from school. This song unfortunately was not on the set list.
  11. Onslow

    Rose & Crown

    Apparently for sale to the right person.
  12. Onslow

    Pub Names

    Just saw a video on Standedge yesterday. Definately on our list if we ever manage to get out there.
  13. Onslow

    Locations: As they are today

    If a dead link is any indicator Hobbo's house has either been sold or taken off the market.
  14. Onslow

    Where did Ivy cook?

    A guest appearance or two by Tom Baker would definately fit in with contributing to misadventures.
  15. Onslow

    Where did Ivy cook?

    I always imagined an arrangement similar to this (slightly smaller scale)...
  16. Onslow

    Driving Mr Clegg....

    "The Changing Face of Rural Blamire" driving the ShinyGlow company van.
  17. Onslow

    Last of the Summer Wine Magazine

    I think this would be a great idea to set up a trail loop (or a collection of drivable trailheads/loops for varying abilities). That would let visitors see and hear the sights as if they were on one of the trio's walks. It wouldn't even have to match exact filming locations but instead take...
  18. Onslow

    Absent friends

    Was looking at the stat pages where Dick tops Most Messages. Wondering the same. Hope he is okay or someone is in his neighborhood can check on him.
  19. Onslow

    Last of the Summer Wine Magazine

    Well worth it I think (even though I had to wait about a month to get it when ordered on US Amazon). Published by the proprietor of Nora Batty's Holiday Cottage!
  20. Onslow

    Artifact of interest

    Local tourism council brochure. Very interesting. That being said. I was wondering if Holmfirth is ever mentioned by name in any episodes? I've watched many mentions of Yorkshire as the local area and Huddersfield...