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    intro to anty wainwright

    always had a vision in my head of auntie chasing dirk who had a shop simillar to aunties out of town she wouldnt like someone else making money
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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    on the subject of deliverys i and my auntie order alot of things but mainly get evri who were formerly hermes its the same bloke in our area and i asked him not long after the switch of name to evri whats it like now and he said its no different to before and same s**t different day but he cant...
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    Another loss

    loved his cameo in a short blast of fred astaire
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    Robert Fyfe

    if i remember right thats the episode where pearl bites his finger at the end i actually burst out laughing when that happened :29:
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    jokes bad or otherwise.

    I went to bed as normal last night and when I woke up there was airplanes circling around My room it was at that point I discovered I had left the landing light on
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    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    The LAST Surviving Maurice Chevalier Impression
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    bbc to bring back high school drama waterloo road

    the bbc have announced they are bringing back high school drama waterloo road, 6 years after it was axed the series will most likely air next year after holby city has aired for the final time, to me this seems like a waste as the bbc said when holby was axed they wanted to make at least two new...
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    Robert Fyfe

    up date for you all he was 90 this article is from fife today a local new site for fife in scotland where robert was from, it talks about his life mentions his date of birth and mentions his parents and also his son dominic has said how proud his dad was of being from fife so Dominic would of...
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    The hundred cricket

    So I'm a massive cricket fan and have been giving the hundred a chance. they are positive and negatives for example I don't like the graphics for the scores and balls on screen I feel it's to much to take in at once , but I do find the play fun because it's fast paced and while I will keep an...
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    COVID Vaccine.

    Update : last night I was really tired and arm was really sore so I went to bed at 10pm and slept right the way through until 9am this morning, today I'm not tired and my arms only aching slightly so I'm practically back to full strength
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    COVID Vaccine.

    HI yes I'm fine thanks arm's a bit aching now giving it a few days as with my first I was a bit tired and shivering the next day
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    COVID Vaccine.

    Getting my second dose of Pfizer in about 1 hour
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    Another puzzle for us ????......regarding Corporal Dewhurst....

    I think that those earlier episodes of series 3 were written for Michael bates as blamire because blamire rented from a landlady and with bates quick departure to ill health the scripts wernt altered and more suited to Brian wilde as foggy
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    COVID Vaccine.

    Hope you feel better Terry my reactions to it only lasted for a day let's see what my 2nd one will bring me in around 10 weeks
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    COVID Vaccine.

    No aches and tiredness today and my arm is not aching anymore so back to full strength today
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    COVID Vaccine.

    Update for you all I'm feeling tired which is a common side affect and a bit achy but only mild I'm just going to relax and stay in over the weekend
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    COVID Vaccine.

    Cheers I help look after my auntie who is 77 and has fybromyalgia osteoarthritis, low blood count and high blood pressure and also double vision so that's why I got in now although Blackburn I should add are starting with 18 plus now so hopefully everyone will be done soon
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    COVID Vaccine.

    Had my first dose yesterday I had the Pfizer a sore arm now but nothing else
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    The age gap between us " Summerwiners" !!!

    im 26 this year
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    bill owens birthday today

    today is bill owens birthday he would of been 107 a truly fine man