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  1. Mike

    Jean Alexander (Auntie Wainwright) R.I.P.

    Greatly saddened when I heard the news as I have known Jean for many years. She first appeared in my favourite Christmas special and I was fortunate enough to appear with her in the final episode. I lived in the next road to Jean and would often see her when she came to vote in my polling...
  2. Mike

    Fond Memories of Auntie

    Final pictures for now of our beloved Auntie Wainwright
  3. Mike

    More Memories of Auntie

    More photos from my collection
  4. Mike

    Memories of Auntie

    In memory of Jean, photos from my personal collection
  5. Mike


    Sorry, I promise I will get back on that very soon, and add some pictures too
  6. Mike


    Barry working in financial services would probably vote to remain.
  7. Mike


    Which of our Summer Wine friends would vote to remain in the EU and who would want out?
  8. Mike

    My Summer Wine Years

    I have been asked to create my own post rather than occasional entries in the shoutbox. So tonight I'm just saying hello and watch this space as I recall many happy years on location with Last of the Summer Wine.
  9. Mike

    Boomers - a return to comedies about older people

    Really sorry to anybody who tuned in last night, that was a terrible episode. Series 1 was much better.
  10. Mike

    Boomers - a return to comedies about older people

    BBC1, Friday, 9pm
  11. Mike

    Guest stars

    Its a shame that the men or ladies never visited Arkwright's store
  12. Mike

    Guest stars

    I'm sure as a local girl Mollie Sugden could have fitted in with the ladies, andvJohn Inman would have added a bit of colour. And talking of local!s, how about Sir Patrick Stewart playing a failed thespian trying to put on a dramatic piece in the local church hall.
  13. Mike

    Guest stars

    And don' t forget Gorden, was his mum Compo's sister? or his dad Compo's brother? And then there was Little Big Malcolm, Compo's cousin. A whole tribe of Simmonites!
  14. Mike

    Guest stars

    I always thought Leslie Philips too, maybe with links to the golf course. A friend said that Peggy Mount should have played Marina's unseen mother. He did appear in the series but I always thought that Peter Baldwin bore more than a passing resembelence to Michael Aldridge. I did also think that...
  15. Mike

    Still Open All Hours?

    Roy's comedies often do have similar characters: Edie and Hyacinth Wesley / Howerd and Richard Auntie and Arkwright Marina and Rose Compo and Onslow
  16. Mike

    Guest stars

    A little game we used to play on the way home from filming was which actors we would like to see appear in the programme, and more specifically in what role. I'll start the ball rolling with a couple of mine and add some more later. I always thought I'd like to see John Mills playing the elder...
  17. Mike

    The Post box.

    A lot of the telephone boxes that were used were actually BBC props.
  18. Mike

    The Seeya Compo hill.

    I lay on that hillside in a white paper forensic suit. The grass was damp and I had a green stain on my jeans for the rest of the day. I have always wondered what anybody flying into Leeds Bradford and looking through the plane window must have thought :)
  19. Mike

    Happy Valley

    It was nice to see locations such ad the Wills n Hats crop up in Happy Valley.
  20. Mike

    Rowan Atkinson in Maigret

    Not watched it yet, have recollections of Michael Gamon in the role.