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    Jane Freeman and Jonathan Linsley advertising John Smiths

    I don’t know of any footage online from it but here’s the radio times listing, from 19th December 1988 Blue Peter Mon 19th Dec 1988, 17:05 on BBC One London with Mark Curry, Caron Keating and Yvette Fielding Last of the Summer Wine...
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    Jane Freeman and Jonathan Linsley advertising John Smiths

    that twitter account has posted another of the series of John Smiths ads with Jonathan Linsley
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    Clive Dunn - other shows

    My Old Man, the ITV series he did was adapted from a pilot in Ronnie Barker’s “Seven of One” (the series of one off pilots he did that spawned “Porridge” and “Open All Hours”). His Daughter in the series, was played by Clive Dunns wife.
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    Jane Freeman and Jonathan Linsley advertising John Smiths

    Someone posted this ad on Twitter…seems strange seeing Ivy referring to Crusher as her toyboy
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    Missing the Cafe

    Oh Shut up and Eat Your Choc Ice Getting Barry Higher in the World In fact in the 7 episodes of Series 11, over half (4) don’t feature the Cafe interior.
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    Missing the Cafe

    Cheering Up Ludovic The Three Astairs Come Back Jack Harry Teasdale Happy Anniversary Gough and Jessie
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    Missing the Cafe

    Greenfingers The Bandit from Stoke on Trent
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    Missing the Cafe

    Jaws The Day of the Welsh Ferret
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    R1 DVD Vintage Extras

    if you watch this video on YouTube, at about 5:30 onwards you can see the full scene. It’s been badly cropped and the soundtrack is at a funny pitch but you will get the idea of the original. its mainly the start of the scene that was cut, but there’s also a bit further on where you hear...
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    Documentaries about Summer Wine

    The 25 years one is almost identical to the 30 year one, with a few moments that were deleted and replaced with newer scenes in the 30 year doc. Perhaps the one notable moment which is slightly emotonal and gave me a slight shudder was the very last clip in the 25, which is about when the show...
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    Liz Dawn

    She appears right at the beginning (between the credits of Ronnie Barker and David Jason) of s01e05 "A Well Catered Funeral"
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    Peter Sallis R.I.P.

    Horrible news. Of course he lived to a good age but it doesn't make it any easier to get the news Actor Peter Sallis, dies aged 96 -
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    Jimmy Perry RIP

    Just being reported that the legendary Comedy writer, Jimmy Perry has passed away. A giant in British Sitcom, you only need to list his sitcoms to understand his genius. Dad's Army It ain't half hot mum Hi de Hi And my personal favourite You Rang M'lord...
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    Jean Alexander (Auntie Wainwright) R.I.P.

    Another sad loss, Jean Alexander passed away today at the age of 90
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    Review of LotSW 1983 Summer Show from "Stage" paper

    I've found another review, this time of the second run in 1984 at Bournemouth. Another good photo too, basically the same setup of publicity shot as the first review, but this time with Caroline Dennis who played the role of the punk rocker Glenda in that second run.
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    No Sign of the Cast

    It's "Who Made a bit of a Splash in Wales" where you see the fisheries with the trio talking. There's also "Getting on Sidney's Wire" which ends on a shot of some Public Toilets, with the voice overs playing.
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    Review of LotSW 1983 Summer Show from "Stage" paper

    Another review, this one from a month earlier at the Beck theatre in Hayes. And an advert for the run in 1984 at Brighton, this time with Robery Fyfe and Juliette Kaplan joining the cast
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    Review of LotSW 1983 Summer Show from "Stage" paper

    I'm from County Durham in North East England
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    Review of LotSW 1983 Summer Show from "Stage" paper

    I posted this on the Summerwinos blog, but thought you might like to see it here. It's the review, from The Stage newspaper, of the first summer season of the LotSW play at Eastbourne, dated August 11th 1983 The cast was Peter Sallis as Clegg Bill Owen as Compo Jane Freeman as Ivy...
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    Compo on skateboard in 'small tune on a penny wassail'

    It's a street called out lane. Here's the google map reference. If you look at the street view you can see the chapel at the bottom. near 3-5 Out Ln, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire HD9