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  1. Mean Uncle Bob

    How about the changes in Barry?

    But the relationship between Wesley and Barry was a lot closer in the early episodes. And Barry dug in there wearing his own obviously well used coveralls.
  2. Mean Uncle Bob

    Car Ramps

    I was cringing because of ramps on a hill. In the first screen grab it sure looks like the rear ramp is pointing forwards. How'd it get there? I've dealt with a few interesting safety regulations and wouldn't be surprised if it was against regs to drive onto ramps on a hill to film but OK (as...
  3. Mean Uncle Bob

    How about the changes in Barry?

    I'd kind of noticed it before, but watching from the beginning (as much as possible) almost continuously, I really noticed a change in Barry. In the earlier episodes he seems to be close to and looks up to Wesley as well as working on cars with him. When he returns he's terribly worried about...
  4. Mean Uncle Bob

    Old Married Couple?

    Or maybe when Clegg says it wasn't much help, Truly would indicate full glasses.
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    When they were pretty much common, but not yet the norm, I remember a very young woman weaving back and forth across the sidewalk. I had just assumed she was drunk, but nope, on the phone. When the bluetooth hands free stuff first came out it was very disconcerting because you couldn't tell if...
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    There's got to be lots of puddles just the right size to warm to breeding temps.
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    Doggy Scoff

    Since the thread is meandering a bit anyway, do kids over there use crib sheets to cheat on tests?
  8. Mean Uncle Bob

    What about Seymour?

    Sideways kinda, but when Alvin first showed up I could swear he was new to the area yet later he was discussing people and places from "the old days" as someone that knew them first hand.
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    Funniest Television Couple Ever?

    They went off the air the year I was born so didn't see until fairly recently. We've got tons of baby boomer nostalgia TV these days. The thread must have been truncated because I didn't see that Electrical Entwistle had already posted about them. I not only didn't think "I Love Lucy" was funny...
  10. Mean Uncle Bob

    Old Married Couple?

    Hope this doesn't offend anyone, but in the later years didn't Clegg and Truly seem like an old married couple? Truly seemed settled in at Cleggs and was often there when Howard was just getting up to get up to something. It just kind of seemed like Truly was a lot more comfortable there than...
  11. Mean Uncle Bob

    Funniest Television Couple Ever?

    How about George and Gracie? Especially Gracie. Even in my younger quicker off the wall days I could never come up with the kind of thinking she had.
  12. Mean Uncle Bob

    What about Seymour?

    Couldn't he have been older? Fair number of years between the characters appearances.
  13. Mean Uncle Bob

    Of Funerals and Fish Question

    One of my favorite lines is when Clegg is talking to the Vicar who after bumming a drag off Clegg's cigarette says: "I'm supposed to be stopping. But then, on the other hand, it's hardly fitting for me to be seen trying to live forever, is it?" Read more...
  14. Mean Uncle Bob

    What's your favourite episode?

    Ida Know, like others I have a problem picking a favorite out of all those shows. It would probably be one of the really early episodes because I like the prehypertimid Clegg a lot better. "The New Mobile Trio" with Clegg chasing the kid off the driving simulator and a gestapo agent shady...
  15. Mean Uncle Bob

    Citizen Smith

    Back when all the resurrections, reboots, remakes and one-offs were in the works I read that Robert Lindsay was thinking that Citizen Smith might be next. Something about a socialist being elected so maybe Wolfie could be. My first thought was that he must remember acting in a different show...
  16. Mean Uncle Bob

    Still Open All Hours?

    I see a lot of similarities beside the characters. The kitchen beauty parlor/coffee klatch is right out of the later Summer Wine episodes. Expect to see the giant cream filled sweet roll snagged any time. Wet Eric and Cyril hijinks are just the sort of thing Foggy or Seymoure would have come up...
  17. Mean Uncle Bob

    Doggy Scoff

    Thanks for the welcome. Pretty sure I've heard the term before on this and a maybe couple other UK sitcoms. I don't know if there's any connection, but here in the western US "scarf" is a common term for eating. Usually eating quickly and said as "scarf down". I'll be out to help as soon as I...
  18. Mean Uncle Bob

    Doggy Scoff

    Another American here, and sorry to resurrect, but it seems better than creating a new thread. Anyway, I've wondered for a few years now about the case of Doggy Scoff and have kind of assumed it was a kind of inside joke thing since it happened just a few minutes after Foggy asks Sid for three...