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    Ah, yes. I found it! Thanks.
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    You know you're addicted to Summer Wine when you realize you haven't heard the theme song all day and you're feeling a little depressed........How about you?
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    FOSW Website update Must Read

    Thanks, Terry. Yes, it was an enjoyable read.
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    Happy Birthday Terry

    Wow, Terry, you received some wonderful birthday wishes!!! I'm sorry I missed it. A very, very belated Happy Birthday!
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    Hello, Amos. I've been out of it myself and have been gone quite a while. What was the diagnosis, again? Or is that for public knowledge? Whatever, I'm hoping you're well very soon!
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    vanilla slices

    Thanks, Pearl!
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    vanilla slices

    Yes. Actually there was more cornstarch than custard powder! I thought it odd but it did make for a very stout custard. So it sounds as though I made them properly I just need to cut them thinner. Also, can I store them under cover on the counter or should I keep them in the fridge?
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    vanilla slices

    Yes, Pearl, the custard was really thick! Do you use puff pastry? After it's all set up can you eat it with your hands and it won't fall apart?
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    vanilla slices

    HELP! I made vanilla slices the other day. The recipe said to put in refrigerator until custard set up....and did it set up! How are these supposed to look and taste? I thought custard was soft and creamy. After the slices set up the custard was NOT soft and creamy. Any advice or...
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    Edie's House

    Yes, Edie's house has always confused me. I just enjoy the show without too much scrutiny now and ignore the brain-freeze!
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    First of the Summer Wine

    First of... I absolutely adore First of...! I like everything about it but, especially, the music! I watch it, even, as a pick-me-up.
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    Happy Christmas (Sort Of)

    OK...I'll give it a try. Thank you very much!
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    RIP George

    I haven't been on the Forum for a bit and am very sorry to hear of George's passing. Along with everyone else I will truly miss him.
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    Happy Christmas (Sort Of)

    Hey, Big can I transfer picture #2 to my email? It's a great picture! Sheree
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    New DVD - The Christmas Specials

    I haven't seen A Short Blast of Fred Astaire. Is it on the regular DVD's?
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    Yorkshire accent.

    Adorable! I might have to watch it again!
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    State of Health

    Many prayers are being offered on behalf of you and your wife. Thank you for sharing the Peter Marshall uplifting.
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    soooooo hot

    I recognized the "Lindisfarne" name and thanks for the info.
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    My New Job

    You're sounding quite responsible!
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    LOSW Location For Sale

    Such a lovely property!