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    Which HAT would you pick?

    Absolutely with you there, Adanor: Nora's hats look super to me. Some of them even make her look like Quality Street chocolate, to me -- which is no bad thing. :)
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    Hello and welcome, CompoSW! :37:
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    Gentle Comedies

    Two in Clover, Then Churchill Said To Me, and -- although technically a comedy drama -- Jeeves and Wooster, with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.
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    Filming location

    Some of us find the idea of parking our chip van and catching the late night car trade very romantic, wstol. Mind you, I have led a very sheltered life. Lol
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    Filming location

    That's a really good point, Barry. Something I'd like to know, anyway.
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    Brian's condition

    Sending lots of love, Peri. Get well soon. Xxx
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    Massive Brain Block Over Joe Gladwin!

    That's a very good point, wstol. Although, it does beg the question why they weren't in the novel more. Then again, I suppose it isn't really necessary to use all the characters to their fullest extent all the time. I mean it is amazing that Getting Sam Home is so well written, and looks so...
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    Filming location

    I can think of better things to do with it than just pitch a tent, Graham. :cool:
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    Filming location

    Now this is tempting! :)
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    Massive Brain Block Over Joe Gladwin!

    Sorry to my fellow Summerwiners, but I have just been watching Getting Sam Home and it has just occurred to me that Joe Gladwin's involvement in this story was minimal. Does anyone know what the reason for this was? Was he contracted for something else? I know some of you will be reading this...
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    And another question

    I think we are over thinking this one. Or, maybe, I am underthinking this one. :cool:
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    Our friend has gone

    Sorry, Peri. :(
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    Very hard question

    Perfectly clear, Peri. :)
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    And another question

    My lips are sealed. I know nothing of these seasons of which you speak. Neither can I confirm or deny whether or not one of them may be special. :cool: