New episodes of Goodnight Sweetheart and KUP (Young Hyacinth)


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What did you think of these?

I thought the new Goodnight Sweetheart was perfection.

Very clever writing there, and I think a new series can be expected after this.

Young Hyacinth seemed a good effort too. This prequel was very different to the original, just as First of the Summer Wine was to it's original. Short on laughs perhaps, but nice to see something a little different once again from Roy Clarke.


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Wasn't a fan of goodnight when was younger so didn't watch. Found Kepping up appearances good back in the day. The young Hyacinth had the mannerisms and voice but it was more like a drama. Not funny at all in my opinion

captain clutterbuck

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Not a fan of Goodnight Sweetheart but watched it , well scripted and acted but not sure it would deserve a full series . I am not a fan of KUP but watched out of nostalgia and as a one off it was quite entertaining if not a little predictable , the main character was well acted and agree the voice and mannerisms emulated Patricia Routledge's performance as the mature Hyacinth perfectly .


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I think GS does deserve a new series. As 17 years has passed, the wartime events has now turned into another historic event - the Swinging Sixties.

This is the best series to be revived ever - because a show about time travelling will mean it's not issue if the actors get older.


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The main difference from the original series is how the BBC like to chat all over the credits at the end

Brian Johns

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I have now also seen these two shows. Hyacinth wasn't too bad. A nod to the original, again without trying to BE the original.
Goodnight Sweetheart I thought was actually quite good. Having the original actors playing their own characters made all the difference I think.
I don't know if it would sustain a series (they will probably make one anyway, despite my misgivings :08: ) but as a one off it is definitely the best of the "remakes" I have seen.


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YH not too bad, if it was the start of a series it could be OK. Settign the scene - it certainly had the junior versions of the sisters delineated.