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Given the state of BBC Comedy at present and if it were written by Roy Clarke then why not . I am not sure if Ken Kitson still acts but I know Louis Emerick continues to get work he has turned up in the latest series of Benidorm and has just toured theatres in the Full Monty . Promoting them to the main characters would require careful sub plots to weave in appropriate groups of characters to make it work . A couple of episodes I enjoyed where they interact with the drunks [one with a pair and a couple of episodes with a single guy especially when he stole the car in I think "The Crowcroft Challenge" ] was very humorous and could easily be a thread running through the shows along, of course, with the vignettes around their quest for food.


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Thanks Terry,I don't think most of the people that would love this show to be made were even aware of the Crowdfunding appeal.I follow Louis Emerick and Bobby Ball on Twitter,and last night they were in conversation about LOTSW,saying how they both loved the show,and their characters,and how they miss it,Louis (PC Walsh) said he was sure there was still an audience out there for it,or for Cooper and Walsh.
After I signed the petition I asked Louis Emerick if he would pass it on via Twitter to his 11.6 thousand fans/followers,which he has kindly done,I think it would attract exactly the audience that watch Still Open all Hours,I hope someone at a tv station takes note,as captain said,the standard of programmes and comedies is awful,there is a demand for comedies that all the family can sit and watch,probably one of the reasons Dads Army is still getting good viewing figures for the repeats they are showing on Saturday nights.


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Signed it. Thanks for the heads up on this. Please let us know if you find out more on the show being produced.