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  1. amos hames


    Oh no. Hope you make it
  2. amos hames

    Happy Birthday George

    Still laugh when i think of his jokes. we miss you George . Happy birthday
  3. amos hames


    Is anyone else suffering from the heatwave. Here in kent its been going
  4. amos hames

    Summer is here at last

    going to be warm next week in some areas. Be careful everyone
  5. amos hames

    Red Dwarf 13 for 2019

    I could never get Red Dwarf. Each to our own i suppose
  6. amos hames

    60 Years of the Carry ons

    Still love the humour of the carry ons.
  7. amos hames

    Hello from the U.S., Ohio

    hey. Welcome home
  8. amos hames


    Hope everyone is ok in this bad weather
  9. amos hames

    Summer Wine Books.

    nice one.
  10. amos hames

    Winter olympics

    no worries terry
  11. amos hames

    No Wrinkles

    Gosh she looked so different
  12. amos hames

    Summer Wine Books.

    Have you not got Andrew vines book
  13. amos hames

    Summer Wine Books.

    nice collection
  14. amos hames

    Winter olympics

    Anyone been watching and enjoying this
  15. amos hames

    Who is this

    wow i would never have got that
  16. amos hames

    Happy New year

    thanks captain
  17. amos hames

    Another Summer Wine comic...

    nice one claye
  18. amos hames

    Another good program is ending

    I'm a recent convert to father brown. I really like it
  19. amos hames

    Happy New year

    Happy New Year everyone. I have light at the end of the tunnel. My life has turned for the better. I have a new Job. I,ve met a girl and we are together. And I'm currently on a summerwine marathon
  20. amos hames

    A Little bit of North Yorkshire fun this weekend

    its a shame these lovely railways have to suffer