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  1. and7barton

    Can anyone help ? - Episode with Smiler's busted foot.

    I'm just trying to find the hilarious episode where Smiler gets his foot injured, and people keep accidentally bumping into it. Can anyone give me the title ?
  2. and7barton

    Musical puns

    Just noticed something - When Auntie Wainwright's lads are carrying the roll of lino out of her shop. There's a snatch of music from the Ken Dodd hit song - "Love is like a violin". I suddenly realised the last four letters of "Violin" rearranged, spell "Lino". Is this sheer coincidence, or did...
  3. and7barton

    Broken leg ?

    Just notice something amiss - I watched The Self-propelled Salad Strainer last night....... Nora was visiting someone to care for them as they had a "Broken leg". But when we see Nora tending to the woman, she's got a broken ARM. Maybe someone has noticed this before, but I couldn't find a...
  4. and7barton

    A forty-year-old error

    Just discovered that in "The Flag and further snags", I hadn't been laughing at Ronald Frazer at all - It was some bloke called Robert Lang. All this time, I've been mistaken. Was it only ME, or has anyone else made this mistake ? - I should have read the credits back in the 70's.
  5. and7barton

    We've lost Geoffrey Bayldon

    Yes, he who was Catweazle - but also starred in "Adopted by a Stray", as the character Broadbent.
  6. and7barton

    Tom Owen in earlier LOSW ?

    Did Tom Owen appear in earlier episodes than "From here to Paternity", apart from his well known brief speaking part in "Situations Vacant" ? - I ask because a website I looked at today, mentioned a number of brief appearances in the show, both speaking and non-speaking. Was he lurking in the...
  7. and7barton

    Another one gone - Gordon Kaye

    Yes, from 'Allo 'Allo - another old favourite has departed.
  8. and7barton

    A question about Aladdin Gets on Your Wick

    Specifically, about the old van that Smiler drives, dressed in his Chinese costume. Does anyone know the make of the vehicle ? - I've never seen one. The sliding doors (especially the REAR sliding door) are unusual.
  9. and7barton

    Found location for Deviations with Davenport

    Well, I think I have......... The scene in Deviations with Davenport where the trio have got themselves lost, and are standing by a ruined old cottage by a farm where they get chased off by a dog. The same location as was used in a scene in "The only Diesel-powered Saxophone.........". Correct...
  10. and7barton

    Missing Episode

    I've just begun playing disk 4 of the boxed set - Series 23 and 24. There appears to be an episode that's listed on the box rear, but it's missing from the actual disk ! - The episode - "Beware of the Hot Dog". Has anyone else noticed this - or is it a glitch on my particular copy ?
  11. and7barton

    A filming location question

    I now have a pretty extensive list of the shooting locations for LOSW - But one particular location still eludes me - That is the short section of canal and a bridge that has been seen in a number of episodes, for instance - in "Just a Small funeral" - where the Truly and Clegg are seen at a...
  12. and7barton

    Some Familiar Faces in All Gas and Gaiters

    I'm working my way through a boxed set of All Gas and Gaiters....... And was pleasantly surprised to see Joe Gladwin pop up as a taxi driver and in a later episode, Dudley Jones ("Shinyglow") as a choir-master. There may be more to come. The show is pretty good, if a little tame compared to LOSW.
  13. and7barton

    Another delay in the final DVD

    Just received this message from Amazon - Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date: "Last of the Summer Wine 31 &32 [DVD] [2015]" Estimated arrival...
  14. and7barton

    All Mod Conned - A question.

    I have just watched "All Mod Conned". If you recall, that's the episode where the trio trudge along an endless road to discover their holiday cottage is an old wrecked caravan. I'd always assumed that the location for this episode was Spurn Head on the Humber Estuary. But interestingly, the...
  15. and7barton

    Lapsley and Josie's Father

    The character Lapsley in "The Waist Land", and Josie's father in "Going to Gordon's Wedding" - Were they both played by the same actor ?
  16. and7barton

    John gorman in LOSW ?

    Just been watching one of my least favourite LOSW episodes - "A Quiet Drink". I noticed, in the pub, sitting with a group of men having a drink, someone who looks a dead ringer for John Gorman - I'm talking about John Gorman, the poet and musician, ex Scaffold. Can anyone confirm this ?
  17. and7barton

    I Didn't Know You Cared revisited

    I'm just watching the entire set of "I Didn't Know You Cared" again....... only for the 2nd time. The first viewing of it must have been over fifteen years ago. I wasn't too keen the first time around, but upon the re-viewing I've warmed to it. Surprising how many actors in this show also...
  18. and7barton

    Seymour's Design for a garage, or maybe Wesley's ?

    Has anybody besides me spotted the block of garages in Holmfirth that could only have been designed by Seymour or Wesley ? - It's a block of four or five garages with up-and-over doors, with another block of identical garages ON TOP of them. No ramp or any way of driving a car into the upper...
  19. and7barton

    Castle Hill Question

    One of the most picturesque landmarks in Summer Wine country is Castle Hill, with the magnificent Victoria Tower looking out across the country, and the hill was often seen in the distance in scenes. But not once were any scenes ever shot on Castle Hill. Was there some reason for this ? - Was it...
  20. and7barton

    Perfection, Thy name is Ridley

    Just a quickie - In the episode - "Perfection, thy name is Ridley" - Anyone know the location of the pub in the final scenes where Ridley and Marina dance on the table ?