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    Bergen Finse Station

    I found it again
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    Vocal Coach From Yorkshire

    I wonder if any of you are familiar with this lady. I am wondering if she is for real or just building up her You Tube views
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    Local PBS

    Our local pbs station has stopped showing Last of the Summer Wine without showing the last 3 seasons I have them on DVD but i enjoy watching the US version as well.
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    "Plenty Of Room In The Back"

    In the first part of "Plenty Of Room In The Back" Billy refers to how fat female opera singers are. Since i have been following Amira Willighagen I find almost none that are fat, the great Montserrat Caballé is of course heavy. So i wonder over the years how many other times the cast has...
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    1970 vs. 2018

    In 1970 my 21 inch Color TV cost 300$ and my Energy bill was 40$ In 2018 my 43 inch TV cost 300$ and my energy bill was 400$ My how time changes. Not complaining really,some people don't have the money for either.
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    Yorkshire Pudding ?

    I wonder what Sid and Ivy would say to this
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    Amira Willighagen

    Have any of you heard of this 9 year old Dutch girl (2013) now 13 Over 400 million views on U tube of her var-est videos She has also sung with your Alma Deutscher Joe
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    A Tale of Two Sweaters

    This is the only episode I have not seen. Although their are 200 episode on U tube this isn't one of them .If someone could post a link for this I would be very thankful. Joe
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    Sids Cafe

    Is their construction going on at the café On the web cam it looks like something is going on. Joe
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    Last of the Summer Wine - From the Director's Chair 1st Edition

    Last of the Summer Wine - From the Director's Chair 1st Edition In the US this is on sale at Amazon for $3.25...
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    S 25 This is where i came in

    In 2006 our PBS station was showing S 25 and I liked Frank Thornton so I gave it a try. I have 226 -246 recorded from my DVD recorder and these are still my favorites On Oct 6 2006 they aired 246 Little Orphan Howard and then started the series from the Pilot. Surprise at...
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    Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 2001

    I believe this makes the UK version release and the US version release equal. Maybe that is why they have been holding up the next UK release. Joe
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    Our Hot Dry Weather may Affect You

    This summer has not been to hot but very dry.This is the heart of the Corn-belt and most of the midwest is to dry,we need 1 inch of rain a week for healthy crops . In the last 6 weeks we have had less then 1 inch of rain. Temperatures has been up around 100 for a week and 5 more days are coming...
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    Hello I am in West Des Moines Iowa. Jo