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  1. onyx(John)

    Cheering up Gordon

  2. onyx(John)

    Summer Wine A-Z Game

  3. onyx(John)

    Summer Wine A-Z Game

    Are those stockings left hand or Right hand thread?
  4. onyx(John)

    Set the People Free

  5. onyx(John)

    Hello from Tyneside

    Welcome Charlie
  6. onyx(John)

    Happy Birthday Pearl

    Great. I will go into full suck-up mode 'till then :p
  7. onyx(John)

    Happy Birthday Pearl

    A very happy Birthday to our Pearl. I swear she gets younger looking every day :01::37:
  8. onyx(John)

    Happy New Year.

  9. onyx(John)

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year Marianna.
  10. onyx(John)

    A Big Thanks

    Top work Tony, thank you :03::03:
  11. onyx(John)

    Boxing day

  12. onyx(John)

    Happy Christmas 2018

    Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all. :01:
  13. onyx(John)

    Get down to Auntie's before the bargains are all gone

    You're lucky Terry. She was cutting me a deal if I took the wardrobe as well but I tried to carry it on the lawn mower and it caught fire. I hope you got a discount for the scorch marks.
  14. onyx(John)

    Get down to Auntie's before the bargains are all gone

    Auntie's having a pre christmas sale. I picked up this little beauty for a snip. To be prefectly honest it's inclined to overheat a tad but nothing that Wesley can't sort out. I had forgotton that I don't have a lawn but how's a bloke supposed to remember everything.
  15. onyx(John)

    Place Names

    Ireland. Dodge city with Guinness.
  16. onyx(John)

    Place Names

    get your finger off Llandudno.