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    I've seen skipfulls of these get dumped in the 80's, if we only had them now
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    I seem to remember when Alvin was prosecting for gold in the local river, he was using a sand riddle instead of a gold pan :(
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    I've got this (Bell Set no. 20) in my sitting room. I was using it just as an extension bell but I had to disconnect it. It was so loud if you dozed off and it rang it would nearly give you a heart attack. Made by the British Post Office I aquired it when I worked for a telecoms company. Items...
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    Hello everybody

    Welcome to the forum John :)
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    Waiting for God (1990–1994)

    Great show, you wont be disapointed
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    Thank you

    Godd work Tony :)
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    So sad. RIP

    So young. RIP
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    Cheering up Gordon