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    Name something

    Nora: "I don't want Brussels waving it's muscles at me"
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    Name something

    Wallaroo, Australia.
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    McIntyre Electrical

    If daddy hadn't changed his name.
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    That wasn't me, honest!

    It's a potential penalty point offence in Ireland if you don't have your licence with you. It's also an offence if you get caught doing 70 in a 50 zone, but that's another story :08:
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    jokes bad or otherwise.

    Dear Mum & Dad, I am very well, I hope you are too. Tell big brothers Sean, Paddy and Mick that the Army is better than working on the farm; tell them to get into the Army quick before the jobs are all gone. I was a bit slow settling down at first because you don't get out of bed until 6am...
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    Hello from the U.S., Ohio

    Welcome to the forum Sis :17:
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    Name a episode

    The great boarding house bathroom caper. She was singing one day my prince will come
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    Interesting Read

    I would have put The Darling Buds higher than 11th
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    Who Called Who

    Sid called someone fartface in getting Sam home. Might have been the customer at the chip van