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    Have a Nice Day.

    I gave up writing after doing my novel and a book of poetry. I'm currently dabbling in painting.
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    Have a Nice Day.

    I did a similar thing for a few years - burning CDs on a Philips double CD recorder. I recorded synthesiser stuff on a small home studio setup. Designed and printed the CD inserts. I did around 100 different albums (my own compositions so no copyright problems) and sold them on Ebay. I managed...
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    Have a Nice Day.

    Excellent ! - By the way, that "Print on Demand" system is not of very high quality. The result (that I've seen). is a flat kind of text that isn't terribly sharp, and the pages are edge-glued and tend to fall out easily. There may be better kinds around but I haven't seen them.
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    Best Performance #4

    I watched it on TV this evening ! - "Eva braun or black" always makes me chuckle.
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    Have a Nice Day.

    I did look into it. The more copies you have printed, the cheaper they become, per copy. There's a system they use. I think it's called "Print on Demand". There's basically this enormously long machine, all loaded with paper and card. They plug your datastick into it, containing your manuscript...
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    Have a Nice Day.

    There's very little material in existence from Hoffnung, unfortunately. Just his Oxford Union speech and the Charles Richardson interviews; also a very poor quality BBC monologue. Another snippet is from one of his concerts where he's talking about "The Art of Tuba" and "Punkt Contrapunkt"...
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    Have a Nice Day.

    Here's Gerrard Hoffnung's Charles Richardson interviews - (in two parts, both on youtube) - Part 1 Part 2 -
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    Have a Nice Day.

    If you can get hold of his interviews with Charles Richardson, he says "My hair grows inwards now", when excusing his baldness. These interviews are available on Vinyl..... and hopefully these days, also on CD.
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    Have a Nice Day.

    Growing inwards. Could your remark indicate that you are a Gerrard Hoffnung fan ?
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    Best Performance #2

    Yes, I agree, definitely ! - The incident with the spray can in the van, and later, in the street, was brilliant !
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    Best Performance #1

    Love him in that scene with Nora in the sidecar being tailgated by the van. Was it "Enter the Phantom" ?
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    There's many species, and variations on the standard mosquito model. Down here we have the "Blandford Fly". I'm not certain if it bites, but I believe it sits around the eyes of cattle and make their lives a misery.
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    Auntie comes up trumps

    Remember "The World at War" ? - Watching the entire series, I seriously began to wonder if the real world actually WAS black and white in those days.
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    When/why did Clegg become phobic towards women?

    A couple of my favourite Clegggisms. I won't spoil it by quoting the episode titles, but - first, He replies to Foggy's statement about having to smile whilst hypnotising someone. Foggy says - "Am I a genius of what ?" (or words to that effect). Clegg replies - "Not only a genius, but a genius...
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    It's Never 10 Years....It Is

    Well done to you all. This forum is thriving ! - A different story from the other forum I used to belong to - The Ivor cutler forum. When he died the forum sadly dwindled away. I wonder if there are any other Ivor Cutler fans out there....... And Gerrard Hoffnung is another favourite.