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    Herman Teasdale/Moreton Beamish

    Jimmy Cricket or Jack Douglas would have been good in the canoe scene instead of Arnpepper.
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    Wesley's Garage Odd Scene

    Maybe the "brick shed" scene was shot in Wesley's other workshop...... the one we never see which he regularly gets called from by Edie out of her kitchen door. She obviously can't be calling him from his tin garage which is half a mile away !
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    Groovin' with Mr Bloe

    Heck ! - For a fraction of a second I read "Harry Pitch" as "Harry Partch". The mind boggles at the thought of Harry Partch performing LOSW backing music. Look him up on Youtube !
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    A Full Cafe

    One of my favourite LOSW shows !
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    Herman Teasdale/Moreton Beamish

    So, she was presumably playing the part of a patient rather than a member of the medical team ?
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    If there were missing episodes of Last of the Summer Wine...

    I thought I'd read somewhere that they'd discovered the ACTUAL missing Dad's Army episodes on old VHS tapes in Africa and that they were intending to work on them and bring them up to broadcast quality. Or am I thinking of some other show ?
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    Herman Teasdale/Moreton Beamish

    I think it was a bit of a mistake to have Mrs Avery and Babs as characters in the series. I think Roy Clarke realised this after a short while. Yet, we can all come up with a bunch of quirky characters who would have been great in the show. A few of them made a single appearance on the show...
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    Herman Teasdale/Moreton Beamish

    I erroneously claimed that Helen Turaya never appeared in any other role than Babs. Just discovered that she plays Denise in the medical series, "Always and Everyone". I've never watched it (those types of show aren't my cup of tea), but looking at the photos of the cast on google, I don't...
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    Herman Teasdale/Moreton Beamish

    The actress who played "Babs" (Helene Turaya), doesn't seem to have appeared in any other production, before or since LOSW.
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    If there were missing episodes of Last of the Summer Wine...

    I'd go as far as to say that remaking an earlier film NEVER works. And why do it at all ?
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    Herman Teasdale/Moreton Beamish

    I agree. The two women of Tom's were totally out of place and in my opinion, generated few laughs themselves.
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    Herman Teasdale/Moreton Beamish

    To be brutally honest, I found that character to be pretty much the weakest and most pointless of the entire show. Maybe not Christopher Beeny's fault. I thought his plot lines were pointless too.
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    The Passage of Time

    It's even sadder to contemplate just how few of the regular cast are still with us.
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    Best Performance #11

    I loved that one - "Been married 33 years. Been going through a bad patch" - "How long ?" - "32 years".
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    To be honest I find that flying electric r/c model aircraft is more satisfying and relaxing. I have had a few "Dogfights" with my brother and his plane. There's more time to think and get yourself out of trouble with winged aircraft, plus the reaction from the public is less negative.