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  1. Andrew D
    Andrew D
    "You know what the trouble's going to be when you go senile, don't you? No one's going to notice."
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  2. and7barton
    Actually, my shown birthdate is incorrect. It's 1947. Unable to change it on here.
  3. Jamesd
    Hi,Im trying to remember the episode where Ely ends up walking a moving lorry outside sids cafe??....can anyone help me remember. Thanks
    1. steve
      Might have been Camera Shy James
      Jan 28, 2017
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  4. dick
    Back in the fold , need a new pc .The one I've got is past its best..
  5. happyjack
    happyjack dick
    Yes, I was wondering that.
  6. onyx(John)
    onyx(John) dick
    Hi Dick, we are missing you off the forum. Hope all's well with you.
  7. dick
    You are speaking of the A-Z aren't you. We 've been repeating some for a while. Particularly the end set X Y Z .
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    2. dick
      Dec 6, 2016
  8. happyjack
    happyjack dick
    Hi Dick, I think we will soon run out of one liners, don`t you? But we will keep going.
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  9. Daisy1961
    Oh joy! Drama channel showing our favourite programme every weekday lunchtime!
  10. brendalovescompo
    brendalovescompo onyx(John)
    Hi John, haven't been on here in a while, just wanted to say hi. I am going to make myself get on more often. Have a great day!
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    2. onyx(John)
      Hi Brenda, I noticed you were not on as much. It's hard to find the time sometimes for sure. You have a great day too!
      Oct 5, 2016
  11. owenieb
    Married to Mary, three kids, boy 31, girl 28, boy 25, two grandkids, girl 8, boy 6 Love Summerwine, Music, technology and my Motorbike.
  12. Mike
    Happy to be back in the world of Summer Wine
  13. Pearl
  14. brendalovescompo
    brendalovescompo amos hames
    Hi Amos. I have been gone a long time. Since my grandson was born I have neglected getting on. I vowed a few weeks ago to get back on,not doing to well. Going to try to get on more. Hope you are doing okay. Take care

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    2. amos hames
      amos hames
      Thank you. Hope you are ok. Take care : )
      Feb 28, 2016
    3. amos hames
      amos hames
      Thanks for your support x
      Feb 28, 2016
    4. amos hames
      amos hames
      No worries. All is good
      Nov 20, 2016
  15. brendalovescompo
    Getting a feel of new site on my phone. Trying to find most recent post!! Hello everyone
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  16. Pearl
    I'm now newly promoted tech helper for if you need help with the thingy.
  17. Pearl
    "Update your status" Todays status is, still married still have 9 kids and still wondering who that old woman is in the mirror. ;)
  18. RickAns
    Pining for the fjords like a parrot.
  19. brendalovescompo
    Oops thought it was PM, Pearl. Do we have a PM on this forum??? no problem. just surprised.
  20. brendalovescompo
    brendalovescompo Pearl
    Hey, Im here!!!! Not a bad transition. went well. I have jury duty tomorrow , so will have a short day. Going to try to get on here everyday. will try to get it on my phone so you in GB will be on while I am at work. Have a good Thursday!!!!!!!!
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